Sunscreen 101

The difference between Physical Sunscreen and Chemical Sunscreen

It continues to amaze me that so many woman today are willing to undergo drastic surgery/aesthetic services for wrinkles but don’t wear sunscreen.

Many people underestimate the power of the sun. It is not just a major cause of hyper-pigmentation, but also wrinkles, dryness – which leads to premature aging.

Friends and people always laugh at my love-hate relationship with Mr. Sun, but they are reasons why I do so. As much as i love him, there are moments I dislike him too (hate is such a strong word. lol). BUT!! That doesn’t stop me from going outside and enjoy the beach. I just simply have my precautions.

How many of you actually use sunscreen and actually understand the things that it does to you in the long run? (I think sunscreen is one of the topic I talk about the most here.) The most common question I get is

“How do you keep your complexion so nice?”


“Why are you so fair? What do you do?”

It’s simple. Always use sunscreen! It doesn’t matter if you have any foundation or BB Cream on or if you’re just plain jane. You always need sunscreen. Even if you don’t like the fair skin and you want a tan, it’s important to get the right sunscreen/tanning lotion/oil and stay away from the damage it does to your skin in the long run.

I remember when NIVEA came out with the sun protection awareness ads, it was really effective as it shows you the effects it does it the long run (plus, how you would look like).

Not endorsed by NIVEA.

Now you wouldn’t wanna wait till you’re old with wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation to start using sunscreen right? Bit too late don’t you think?

Many have also commented that there’s so many types of sunscreen from UVA to UVB to broad spectrum and what does all that mean? And whether if physical (known as mineral) or chemical sunscreen is better.

What’s the difference between UVA and UVB? 

UVB cause burning on the outer surface of the skin whereas UVA breaks down your skin collagen, and only appears in the long run. Even during the winter days, you may not be exposed to UVB, but you’re still exposed to UVA rays. So put on your sunscreen before going out! You’re never too young for sunscreen – prevention is better than cure I always say.

Physical Sunscreen VS Chemical Sunscreen

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.28.34 PM

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Physical sunscreen (known as mineral sunscreen) contains ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide – which reflects the rays away from the skin.

Chemical sunscreen absorb the rays which isn’t a great option for sensitive skin because when the rays are absorb into the sunscreen, it’s on the surface of your skin.

So what would you rather have? bouncing of rays? or leaving them on your skin surface?

Then they are sunscreens that contains both physical and chemical which are popular because they have consistency and protection.

Remember! You’re never ugly, only if you’re lazy! 🙂


Today, i would be talking about eyeliner. Not just any eyeliner but gel-liner. Six years ago, i bought my first eyeliner, it wasn’t a pencil or liquid but it was Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink 7.


Gel-liners have been around for a while with many brands out there and there are plenty of hits and miss with this. I often get asked which gel-liner would i recommend and I’ll leave that for a different day to talk about.

The other thing I get asked alot is the concern and the problem of gel-liners drying up fast. So here are some tips of how to pro-long your pot of gel-liner.

1. DO NOT USE WATER!!!! (you know who you are. honey, you know you aren’t suppose to do that and I’ve told you before )

2. DO NOT USE OIL!!!. (you also know who you are. Another few girls who told me about this) i don’t care if it is olive oil, argon oil, grape seed oil, camomile oil or vegetable oil. NO.

There are two ways to do it.

Step 1: you’d need a hair dryer. 

– Turn on your hair dryer to max heat and heat up your gel linear. It can stand the heat. If you do it for a few minutes. Your gel linear would last longer. If you do it for a minute or less, your gel linear would last about a week or two depending how the heat was distributed and penetrated. Then all you need to do is se your hair dryer and heat it up again.

(You can also pop it into the microwave if you want to. But i wouldn’t sugggest so)

Step 2: You would need Vaseline. 

– Use a clean brush to scoop a slight pea size of vaseline, then mix it into your gel linear, you don’t have to mix it all, but you can scrap it at the side and only use what you need. Then with the same brush apply eyeliner, then you won’t waste any.

Next, they are different kind of brushes you can use for your gel linear. Some that bought from Maybelline, Kate, Loreal and some of the brands, you would get a free brush along in the packaging. But some doesn’t come with one. So here are some brushes to show you. What kind of brush would give you what kind of outlook. They are many kinds of brushes from blunt tip to sharp tip to fine tip to slat tip and from nylon to fibre to natural hair to synthetic and the list may go on.

An extra information if you want to know more.

Synthetic brushes are normally made up from nylon or takelon.

Natural brushes (non-synthetic) are normally made from hair of goat, pony, squirrel, sable, capra, kolinsky, badger.

– Synthetic hair are easier to clean as the makeup don’t hold on to your brushes and you won’t waste so much makeup.

– Natural brushes are softer but would go out of shape. But it doesn’t mean synthetic hair aren’t soft, they are but they won’t go out of shape for sure.

So the best brush for eyeliner would be a synthetic brush. It is important for you to pick an eyeliner which you feel you can control best. It’s just like painting, some people prefer a bigger paintbrush, some people would prefer a smaller paintbrush with more control.

Here i am showing you. All synthetic brushes except for the third of from the right. (Next to the two flat angle brush)

As you can see i have list out from left to right. number 7 is a natural brush. So you can see why a synthetic brush would give you a better control and in drawing a eyeliner. If you are looking for a much thick look, you could go for what i call a “blunt brush” which is number 1- 4 where most free eyeliner brush you get are these. If you want a much more define look that you would get from a liqiud pen-linear you would have to go for brushes 5 and 6. or 9 using it in the slate vertical way. All the demonstrations are done in one stroke.

Gel linear is pretty tricky, but once you get use to it. a little goes a long way. And the more control you get, the more you can play around. Never be afraid to test around on your palm or hand.

Hope you like it. And please comment below on your thoughts, opinions and any questions and would you be looking forward to see a brush cleaning post or a post on how-to- demonstration on eyeliner and gel-linear.

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque

Some of you may have already heard of this, some may have not. But today, i would be giving you my review and opinion on this.
The main ingredient in this product is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) “hyiah-lu-ro-nic acid”. And why is HA so important t our skin? It is the ingredient for moisture and giving us that soft bouncy skin. As we age, our skin doesn’t retain and hold as much HA as a baby or when we are younger, so it is important to fill it back and pamper our skin with HA.
HA exist in many products that we see around (just check the ingredient list). So why this some may ask, this is not just any ordinary mask but it penetrates into your skin so it’s not just your outer layer of skin that gets it but deep down inside as well.
Taken from
éPure Membranous Jelly Masque

Developed by the renowned Dr Yulong Moy from USA, is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor)


Developed by the renowned Dr Yulong Moy from USA, ePure Membranous Jelly Masque is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor). This unique mask retain 70% more moisture than other sheet mask, it forces the skin pores to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients while drawing out the impurities instantaneously. it also inhibit melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone, leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance.

I’ve had a few friends approaching me to buy this in the beginning and I wasn’t quite convinced because I was told it was RM89 per sachet. I was like HELLNO I’m paying so much for that! And let’s just say they didn’t give enough information to convince me or make me believe it. You know it was one of those times when you don’t really buy it and think how can it work?  (p/s. i won’t mention what was told to me)
But then i was on browsing through as one of my usual boredom days, i stumbled upon this product and this time i got to read the desciption and really read and find out what it really was. Instantly I wanted to give it a try. But remembering the price my friend gave me, i decided to look further and i found a tub version instead of the sachet. So i bought the tub one, I personally prefer it in a tub as i can control how much i want to apply and store it easily.
Say Hello to Chi Chi as a comparison and a companion to the new commer – ePure Membranous Jelly Masque.



A clear description on what it does. It is stated that it increases the skin moisture by 30-50%, and restores and balances your skin as well as melanin synthesis and in the end you will have a brighter, supple dewey fresh face.


Comes with a seal sticker


Finally, Does it deliver what it says?? Read on…

The most common issues that nowadays we would have is blackheads, uneven skintone, dark/dull skintone, freckles and pigmentations, wrinkles, acne, redness, eczema, roseacea, oily skin, dry, skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and the list goes on and on. And APPARENTLY, this product is THE product that saves everyone from all that trouble with just ONE product and instantly?? a little too much to believe right? Then all the other beauty skincare company will hate them go bankrupt or start stealing their secret recipes already.

My skin type: 
– Sensitive skin with rosecea
– Freckles and pigmentation
– Darkcircles and puffy eyes
– Combination oily skin
– Blackheads and pores.

How to use: 
1. Remove makeup and cleanse your face.
2. *Optional step* Apply Toner and Serum for better effects.
3. Use the spatula and evenly apply the mask for about 0.3mm-0.5mm thickness
4. Let the mask do their work for 40minutes
5. Use the spatula to scrape of access mask and rinse off.

So did it work?
As most mask does, after you rinse if off, you immediately see a bright nice shiny dewy face. So, it does work! but the problem with most things are, how long does it last?

For this product, it is advised and stated for maximum long lasting effect and result, For the first month, use three times a week, then after that you cut it down to once a week. So with frequent usage, you’d get a maximum result out of it. (In a way, it’s also a very good advertising scheme right?) BUT, all things don’t last forever, we wash our face everyday, we grow old everyday, our skin produce oil everyday so eventually whatever we put on our surface of the skin would be washed off. So we need to apply them back to give back everything that our skin needs.

One thing that i have noticed with this is that, my skin has been better, it has reduced my rosecea and the sensitivity of my skin. AND my pores are now tighter. So those with bigger pores, this product will definately help you. In terms of my freckles, I really need to use it for a longer run in order to really see if there is really a difference and would it really help.

I personally don’t believe in products that works overnight miraculously.Because scientifically speaking, that would be one hell of a chemical product in order to make it work right? For example, if my freckles were to go away in ONE night, wouldn’t that mean there is alot of bleach or chemical in it to make it dissapear? Then what happens to the other spots that I applied that doesn’t have freckles, would it get whiter? Then i would end up with white patchy spots right? If a product is a overnight miracle, means, it’s a one time usage, not a daily usage. But for this membrane jelly masque, in long term usage, my skin would be able to absorb it and work with it in long run. So we will see if my skin will age quicker and pores will get larger.

– It made my skin brighter with a radiance.
– Tighten my pores.
– Clears up my skin and calms
– A tub can go a long way.

– Quite expensive.
– A little troublesome to wash off, you’ll need patience and time.
– Not a morning wake up instant quick mask.

Would i Recommend it?
YES. It’s a good investment.

May 2016 Favourites #gwenbeauty

Another month has passed and here we are again for another monthly favourites. Some of the products you might have seen it on my snapchat/instagram throughout the months as well.

So let’s see what do we have…


1. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

When UD just launched the smoky palette last year in August, I had to grab my hands on it, despite me having the palette 1 and 3. And I was lucky to be able to grab it the first week it was launched in Malaysia. #luckyMe
As usual, I always loved UD’s eyeshadow because it’s so creamy and pigmented.


2. Biotherm Life Plankton Essence

I cannot love this enough and cannot believe how not many people know about this product. With the heat and crazy weather, my rosacea has been flaring up and this product is one of the very few that has not only calm my skin down but provided the moisture and protection I need.


3. Biotherm Blanc Therapy CC Cream – anti redness

I was introduced to Biotherm this month, with the life plankton collection and the whole Blanc Therapy CC creams. What i love about this the most is that it contains SPF50 (yay protection!) Anyone who knows me will know how i see the importance of sunscreen. The anti-redness one comes in a green tint and you should know by now that green is the contrast for red. Hence why many anti-redness products have a green tint.


4. Shuumera Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil

Shuumera has always been famous for their cleansing oil and so far i’ve used the anti/oxi skin refining anti-dullness cleansing oil (green color) when Carol bought the travel size and I’ve loved it then. This time, we were given a free travel size for Skin Purifier (brown one) and it’s amazing. I expected it to be the same as the anti-oxi but surprisingly it wasn’t – this was much lighter in terms of texture and it wasn’t as oily as the anti-oxi.


5. B.Liv Submerge Me – Moisturizing Booster

I cannot get enough of this moisturiser. I feel that it’s so underrated and not many people know about it. May has been a very hot weather and my Rosacea has flared up, and whenever it does, my skin would become dry and this is the B.Liv submerge me is the only thing that doesn’t agitate my skin, provides me that layer of moisturising protection. Apparently this has antioxidant and anti-aging. But we shall see.


6. Mustela Hydrabebe Body Lotion

Best Body Lotion ever. period. LOL This is like my holy grail body lotion. I look up to this so much that any other body lotion that I review will be now compared to this already. This shows how much I love this.

7. Mustela PhysiObebe Cleansing Fluid

To be honest I was a little skeptical in the beginning about this. But after using it, OMG. I cannot say enough about it. Wiping hands have never felt cleaner. LOL. Hand sanitiser that doesn’t smell like alcohol? This is the one for you too! Asides that, I’ve used it as a makeup instant anti-bacterial clean right before i use it.


8. Jill Stuart Treatment Hair Mist

Weeks ago Carol brought me to a clearance sale in Pavilion and the one thing that caught my attention was the Jill Stuart corner. (OMG! How can you not fall in love with any of the Jill Stuart packagings? They make your dressing table feel so princess-sy). Asides the pretty packaging, this Hair Mist has also been the one item that I found myself grabbing often throughout the month. I’ve recently bleached my hair again in April, therefore my entire hair care routine has switched around and this is not just moisturising, it doesn’t weight my damaged hair down, not greasy and my roots are not oily as well. On top of everything, the scent is just amazing.

9. YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in shade B10

If you follow me on snapchat you would have realised that i’ve been grabbing this foundation throughout the month. Well, good things are meant to be shared right? Some people say that the price is a little overrated but then the finishing is very different. I would say that the dupe for this and the closest is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation but then only difference is that this doesn’t transfer as much as that, it gives a dewy finishing and doesn’t not cake up. The only problem with the Bobbi Brown skin Foundation is that you need setting powder to set it in, the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation does not need that.


10. Chloe Parfum –  Eau De Toilette

I was never a fan of the rose scent. It has always reminded me of Lovely Lace and I didn’t like the overwhelming scent of it. But, when I was given the sample of this, I fell in love with it. Funny how things work out isn’t it? And if you know me, you would know that I have quite a number/collection of scents on my table which I would pick and use according to occasions and everything else. The Chloe Parfum is the one that I have been grabbing mostly the past few months especially seeing the boy.



BRTC Perfect Calming Gel Review

Anyone who knows me would know that I have very sensitive skin and have minor Rosacea. So i have very particular with how i take care of my skin. I know many people would be fussing saying that I shouldn’t be using so much stuff if I have sensitive skin and all that, but this is me and I am out to find my holy grail products. I don’t believe that nothing would work, it’s just what would work and what wouldn’t. Every skin acts differently.

So, on the search to hunt for calming gels and all that. I have tried and tested on the all time famous aloe vera, enchancer, seaweed, cooling mask, calming mask and so on. And i stumbled upon BRTC Perfect Calming Gel from the Perfect Calming System.

The Perfect Calming System is meant for sensitive skin. But today, I would be reviewing the Perfect Calming Gel. They also have the cream base, but i usually do not prefer cream base products cause they are much oilier. (what i feel)

BRTC is a very well-known brand in korea. Famous for their BB creams. Check out one of the reviews I did for their BB Cusion Cover here.

So WHAT is the Perfect Calming Gel?

It is a moisturizing gel that helps with soothing and hydration of sensitive skin. With plant actives that gives immediate barrier and alleviate skin irritations from internal and external stress for soft, comfortable skin.

Supplies moisture to damage tired skin and ease redness.

BRTC has already passed the Skin Irritation test and you could see the label on the box of the product.

I purchased the large size 100ml that comes in a glass tub. The packaging is amazing. Because of the heavy sturdy glass, it gives a secure feeling. Of course, you can’t drop it! but it gives an extra class as well. It is a little huge for a tub, but you could always stack something on it because it has a flat surface.

I was a little hesitate with the tub cause i usually don’t really like tub stuff because i hate sticking my finger into the tub and getting my fingers and nails dirty and transferring all the germs and bacteria into the tub as well. BUT, with the existence of a spatula, I guess i would be okay with it. 😀 The other downside about this is that, it’s not very travel friendly, unless if you get the travel pack and scoop it out and fill it in the travel refill packs.

As you can see, the packaging of it is huge, and sturdy, the amount is very generous as well. I have used it for three months and I still have about three quarters left. The product is so transparent that I could actually see through the whole glass. Check out my finger at the bottom. LOL

The consistent of the product isn’t very watery nor is it very firm gel texture, It’s like a thick serum.

But one thing I can say is that, A little goes a long way, I did not expect it to spread out so much and that’s why one tub last me so long.

What are the Ingredients? 

The ingredients listed in this product is Ginko Leaf, Cabbage Rose, Witch Hazel, Soluble Collagen, Niacinamide.

AND the active ingredient of it is Blue Complex, ATOVEX, aloe vera leaf extract.

My thoughts on it.

I have been using this for almost three months, and I can say this product has really helped me with my redness, as well as tired, stressful days. Sometimes, i would lay a thick layer and do it as a face mask. My face is instantly calmed. It moisturizes and it doesn’t leave a greasy sticky feeling on your face. There isn’t any cooling sensation nor any stinging sensatino even applied on red flaring skin whether if it is from sun burn or from acne or Rosacea. It doesn’t clog up any pores, left my face very smooth, hydrated, bouncy and supple.

Pros and Cons. 

What I like

– It does what it says

– It’s inexpensive for a large size

– Doesn’t have any side effect or blackheads, acne or clog pores.

– It’s not greasy or oily

What I Don’t like about it.

– It is not travel friendly. (But there is alternate ways.)

– It’s not available everywhere. Only SASA.