My first Maid Of Honor Speech

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Carol Oh Carol.. Someone who is my sister, my best friend, my pillar and my support. Someone who knows me in and out. What I liked and disliked. And i believe everyone here would agree with me that she is the best person you will ever meet, even though at times she has a face that can just scare you to death, she has that funny side of her that is beyond control.

Carol is not just only any sister. She’s the best I would say. She would do anything for me, her one and only little sister. Even though she hates it, she would still tolerate and take it in for me. And mostly protect me.

And then there’s Ben. I don’t even know where to start with him. But one thing I can say now is that I’m got a one heck of a handsome brother in law to show off. ?

The first day I met Ben, we clicked, we laughed and throughout the days, months and year. We became so much closer that the day Ben told me he was going to propose to Carol, I was in tears.

Ben, you have been there for me, even before being officially my brother in law. You were there when I was down, you became my support, you were someone who listened to me and help me to be a better me. And thank you for loving my sister and thank you for letting me be part of your family as well.

So to Ben and Carol, no matter where am I, I will always be your tua liap.



éPure has been one of my holy grail brand. Once again they have launched a product which is amazing. Few years back they started bringing in the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque which plays part of my weekly routine until today.

Introducing you the latest product – éPure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser, a high performance soap-free cleanser derived from amino acid, hyaluronic acid, honey extract & XERADIN™. Highly active substance with a 24-hour lasting moisturizing effects to effectively eliminates impurities and make-up.


Apparently it claims to lock moisture for 24 hours.


Essential skin structural support, building blocks of protein. A moist agent in the transport and the storage of nutrients, especially collagen and elastin.


A vital cushion to retain water, fill spaces between cells to ensure hydration and elasticity.


Clarifying as it opens up pores to ease unclog, it comes with antibacterial properties and hefty antioxidants to restore healthy skin.


An anti-ageing substance to prevent melanin formation, hence lighten skin and grant youthful appearance.


Offering long-lasting moisturizing effect to protect natural complexion for smooth and healthy skin.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.40.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.40.42 PM

All the claims above, let’s see if it does what it says and claims;


The first time I used it, I used it as an individual cleanser after i’ve removed my makeup, for the first five days. And the 2nd week – I use it together with my Clarisonic Mia2.

For the size of 100ml, it stands on shelf nicely, made out of plastic. I love the pump, it doesn’t feel cheap, not too soft or too hard. And best of all is that the product doesn’t stay at the pump and hardens for the next use. #annoyingthingsaboutpumps


A little goes a long way with this product. Which is a good thing because this means it’s worth more than what you pay – not using too much every time.

imageThe product is a clear and white, lathers really well and it really cleans

One thing that I hate about cleansers is that tight squeaky feeling. Some people may love it, but it’s a personal preference which i dislike as it shows signs of dehydration and sensitive skin. This cleanser on that other hand does not make your skin tight but yet cleans your face. – Deep cleans but perfect moist.

Cleaning our face is important, but stripping off everything off your skin is just very unhealthy for a everyday routine.

After removing my makeup with my cleansing oil or creamy cleanser, I would use the éPure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser to wash my face as the final cleansing step as this not only cleans any leftovers but also gives me a moisture boost with repairing and whitening benefits.

Would i recommend this? Yes

At the price of RM59.90, you don’t have to pay a hefty price and to get such an amazing product.


ACME – Italian Restaurant in Rushcutters Bay

When I was in Sydney three weeks ago, H decided to bring me to ACME one day for dins.

The place is located in King’s Cross and we just took a train from Central Station and it’s 5 minutes walking distance to the restaurant.

The place looks like a rundown area from the outside, I was a little surprised from the outside because it was just dead quiet, streets were dark and it was just damn dodgy and eerie.

But that doesn’t mean the place is bad! We arrived earlier than our reservation and the waiter asked if it was okay for us to sit at the bar for some drinks while we wait for our tables to be ready and we figured why not. (P/s. I know Asian restaurants would most likely ask you to stand and wait outside but this definitely isn’t an Asian place.)


It didn’t take us long before we were seated, maybe about 5-10 mins? (I lost track of time because I was just talking to H) 

The menu is as simple as how you see it. (not joking – drinks menu are a separate menu of course)

I was a little concern of the serving size being a little too big, then I would have to either stuff myself to avoid wasting or be so sick of it because I’m over-eating. But H mentioned that the portions were quite small that I could even finish a dish myself.

What did we order in the end?

Burrata, burn celeriac, miso 

By the first looks of it, I expected it to be cheesy and creamy that maybe I wouldn’t be able to take more than three bites. but surprisingly it wasn’t. 


Octopus, Canneli, Old Bay 

This wasn’t our first choice that we’ve ordered. Initially we ordered the Char Siu Ox Tongue but then it was sold out so we switched to the Octopus.

By the looks of it I thought it was going to be spicy (well, anything red looks spicy right?) but it was grilled perfectly. It was marinated well and every bites brings a slight burnt after taste. Not a bad burnt but a good grilled burnt that brings out the taste.

Maltagliati, shiitake, burnt scallion

I personally love mushrooms and I always think that mushrooms, like bacon, you can’t go wrong. LOL. So this dish? hmmmm.. *slurp* loving the mushroom. I’d kill for more.

Coffee fettuccine, pumpkin, sage, hazelnut

I was slightly shocked with this because initially I was like ‘COFFEE PASTA?? wtf is that??”. I was expecting it to taste like coffee which is bitter and … i don’t know.. bitter? LOL. But to my surprised, it tasted quite nutty and sour. Well, then again, there’s hazelnut, hence the nutty taste. duhh…

Macaroni, pigs head, egg yolk 

What a name!

The only thing I can say about this? “Wish i had more!!”

If I were to come back here, i’d order this again, because it’s really good!

Overall, I would say one thing, the portion is really small. That’s the only downside, and even for someone like me who eats small portions and can’t usually finish my food, I can finish this! That is how small it is!! But then again, a huge portion would be over-flavouring and too much. I’ve heard and seen that during the day (for lunch) their menu’s are different and I would want to go back to try them out again!


60 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay, NSW, 2011


Opening Hours

Tue to Sat 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sat 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Find out more about them here;

Facebook: Acmesydney


p/s. This post is not sponsored in anyway. 



Anyone who knows me would know how much I love watches. Downside about it is that, sometimes, I really love a particular design, but feel that it’s not worth to buy it because of the mechanics/how it’s made and the whole package. ANOTHER reason why, it’s too common. You’re bound to bump into a friend or even a stranger with the same watch. Well, I don’t mind if it’s a good watch, that means someone knows the quality and have the same liking as me. Nothing wrong with that.

But what if, you had a ONE-OF-A-KIND watch? Everybody loves limited edition – a unique, one in a million kind.

I stumbled upon instagram on a brand called EONIQ – a start up fashion brand started by three friends in Hong Kong led by Quinn Lai.

I knew immediately, this was the perfect gift.

It was pretty easy to work on.

You can create your watch on your laptop/desktop, tablet or even your mobile phone. BUT of course if you want to upload a file for engraving, best to do it on laptop/desktop.

When I first saw this, I was a little skeptical tbh. I know everyone would.

p/s. spot the watch at the end. LOL

I contemplated, searched and looked up at them for a really long time. And decided what could go bad? Everything’s clean and pretty good on social media.

Few reasons why I went ahead with it.

1. It’s a custom-made watch. Meaning it’s limited edition/one in a million (okay, not even one in a million, it’s ONE in the world) kind of watch. Anyone who has the same watch/design, would be a copycat. 

2. With that, it’s a very strong personal statement and a very meaningful gift that people who value it would really appreciate it. 

3. It’s a mechanical watch – the Miyota 8 series movement which is the legendary 21 jewel powering some of the most robust watches including the drive and pilot watches. Mechanical watches right now are highly overpriced with a good quality/brand and would at least cost RM2.5k for a good one. 

4. The watch is entirely hand assemmbled and checked by a single watchmaker, with the proper tradition way of watchmaking (HOW COOL IS THAT??) 

Asides that, the all-time-famous Daniel Wellington where 8/10 would own have owned one, doesn’t allow you to customise it, AND, it’s an analog quartz watch. Which retails now roughly at RM800. When DW came into the whole Social Media sphere, I was excited. I loved the clean, sleek minimal yet classy design. But I was in a hunt for something sentimental, something more personal, and EONIQ came to me. Not literally to me, but their ads on Instagram appeared on my feed.


Took me 5 days to decide and design the watch, and another 4 weeks to arrived to me. (that’s a very loooong time)

– Creating the watch was easy, steps were given and everything was in a single page. 

– The difficult part was the finalise and select the final design to check-out with because EVERYTHING LOOKS SO GOOD! 

– Customer service via email and Facebook were really quick, responsive and helpful with my queries. (I needed it within 4 weeks and they were able to send it to me even though the website states it would take about 5-6 weeks) 

When it finally arrived, I couldn’t be any happier. I was really satisfied with the finishing, how it turned out to me, the rose gold rims and the brown leather strap.

“Some said long distance relationship will never work, but with effort, time and commitment, love will find it’s way.”

You can find out more and follow them;

Facebook: EONIQ https://www.facebook.com/eoniq/?fref=ts

Instagram: eoniqdesign https://www.instagram.com/eoniqdesign/


DocLab HA Face Ampoule

Face Ampoules are now getting much more popular and more brands are coming in. Before this, ampoules were highly used in the makeup artist industry because of the instant and long-lasting effect it creates. As the trend follows, ampules aren’t just available to salons and MUA but anyone from home too. It creates a great skin base or once a week treatment just like a face mask. I’ve been given a chance to try out a new set of face ampoules by DocLab which is voted as Korea’s No 1 face ampoules – DocLab HA Face Ampoule
DocLab HA Face Ampoule apparently claims to boost skin moisture and provide deep hydration with their Hyaluronic Acid technology. ALSO, with Collagen and Ginseng Extract as their active ingredients, these face ampoule are able to restore skin suppleness, elasticity, retextures skin and making your skin smooth as well as protect your skin from harmful chemicals and pollutants.
Face Ampoule are known as small airtight products that are filled with concentrated high active ingredients, they usually come in sizes like 5ml/10ml but sold in boxes so you get maybe about 30ml-50ml depending how many face ampoule are in a box.
What are the benefits of using DocLab’s Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoule?
– Makeup last longer
– Skin is more hydrated
– Controls sebum, balance your skin PH (Hence oily/dry/combo/normal skin wouldn’t be a problem)
– Repairs skin (anti-wrinkles & Hyper-pigmentation)
– Skin is more radiant and supple.
How to use the DocLab’s Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoules?
Day: Cleanse -> Tone -> Ampoule -> Moisturiser -> Sunblock -> Makeup
Night: Cleanse -> Tone -> Ampoule -> Night Cream
Treatment: Cleanse -> Tone -> Ampoule -> Mask -> Moisturiser
My thoughts on it:
When I opened the box and took out the first face ampoule, I was a little confused and unsure of how to open the face ampoule. It was then I realised I had to slowly tilt the tip to one side and push it down. There is a rubber seal/quality seal inside which is sealed up air-tight so even though it was a little confused with the packaging I think it’s a good one as it’s packed nicely ensuring quality will be remained in there. Also, once you’ve opened it, you can’t close it back, therefore you know it’s a legit quality seal.
This face ampoule has a very light watery texture, in fact, it felt like water and I was very afraid of spilling it. Lesson learnt; pour it on my palm not the back of my hand. Took me a while to figure out how to apply it as it is so watery, so in the end, i placed it on my palm and dabbed it onto my face like how i would use any of my treatment essence (Ex: SKII, EL Micro Essence Lotion, Missha Treatment Lotion, etc…) With this, the product is pat directly onto my face and I would also ensure it’s not placed onto only one spot or dripping everywhere. Unlike serum which usually has a thicker, much more concentrated texture, this is watery and you just need to get a hang of it.
I love how it doesn’t have a sticky feeling to it like certain sheet mask or serum. It’s not heavy and doesn’t irritate your skin. HA is known for deep hydration and most HA products are very sticky, so I was really surprised with this as well.
I was worried at first, as I suffer from Rosecea and with the high heat during this month, my face has been flaring and acting up. I hesitated and wanted to push this till the redness has gone away but after two weeks I realised that I could give this a shot to see how it works on sensitive skin as well. How did it go? It did not flare up my skin but i wake up with a morning with no redness. Then again the minute the heat comes in, the redness starts again (but this can’t be changed)
Would I recommend it? 
Where can you get it? 
You may contact Miss Lim for direct purchase at +6019-206 2386
you may find more information here http://www.doclabkr.com/product/doc-lab-face-ampoule/
Till then, Remember! You’re never ugly, only if you’re lazy! 🙂