Apparently the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Sydney. H has been hear once and he claimed it was so good he had to come back again with me and he managed to get a booking.


From the outside, the place looks like a random place that you wouldn’t think of walking in unless you knew what it was. Right in the middle of residential area of Cammeray (North of Sydney), I would have missed it if it wasn’t for H.


THE place to go for premium SAKE & SHOCHU in Sydney – they say. Unfortunately I don’t talk about alco. So I won’t be able to provide a range of sake and how good it’ll be.

You have to spot it.

First time trying Uni. (Uni is the Japanese word for Sea Urchin). I usually avoid ordering it, as people around me don’t really enjoy Uni or order it so I have never had the urge or the craving for Uni until today as H is a Uni-guy.

It has a really rich sea flavour but not fishy or salty (like oysters and shells) but creamy at the same time! As it’s my first time and my only time (till date) I can’t say it’s the best as there’s nothing to compare to, but it’s definitely something I’ll order to try around. Maybe a Uni-challenge coming up?

We also ordered the Chawanmushi which is OH MAI GAWD da best!

Texture and taste is perfect! Portion isn’t small too! I hate some places which has really small portion and I’ll end up finishing it within 5 mouth spoon and H can take up 1 mouth spoon and three quarter gone. T3T

Yakitori – One thing I’ve noticed in a few Japanese places. You really can’t go wrong with yakitori! We ordered the wagyu beef and the pork belly yakitori. Figured we wanted slightly savoury with all the seafood.




Sushi and Sashimi were both served Omakase style. Don’t know what type of Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi was provided until it’s served. And we definitely weren’t disappointed at all! I get slightly disappointed with omakase nigiri sushi serving Tamago Sushi. Unless the Tamago is really top-notch awesome pawsome.


Lobster popcorn – I cannot get enough of this.



I repeat.





This was sooooo good! If you’re here, you gotta try this!


Huge ass green tea mochi for dessert that was really good! It’s hard to find a place that serves good mochi. Some places are either too stiff and hard as it was left in the fridge/freezer for too long.


If you’re looking for a new Japanese place to go, definitely try Toriciya. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.




Toriciya Christmas Holiday 24/Dec/2017 – 15/Jan/2018


Why I cut my hair short

Everytime I see a girl with long hair, I would envy them. I would wish I had long hair and would try to imagine how I look like with long hair.

So babes would ask me to keep my hair long.

But as easy as it sounds like, long hair isn’t easy to maintain and I would go for a haircut once every two three months and every year, I would have a major cut and will be back to short hair..

I’ve tried to resist cutting my hair… But I can’t.

They are days, a hair dryer and a ceramic round brush would just do.

They are days a straightener is needed.

They are also the days when I have extra time and curls turns out perfect.

Then they are days I wake up with horse mane.

And days were it’s just frizzy and messy

And not to forget the days where my hair decide to show its natural state (yes, if those of you who remembers, I have natural curly hair and this is it)

And then days when it becomes frizzy and i have lion hair.

And it all sounds fun but I’ve also got fine frizzy hair which does not make the situation any better.

Worst of all, days when I have limpy hair and two weeks ago I accidentally burnt my hair with a hair dryer and I have to cut it off. So with a burnt patch (even though I trimmed it off abit) and a short part due to the cut. I now had uneven hair and was really unhappy with it.

And i really hated it when it becomes so out of shape and limpy and i would end up tying my hair in a bun. (Which isn’t good for my scalp)

So once and for all, I’ve decided to apologise to babes and wait for another few years for my dreams of long hair to come true and walked into a salon.

I have never felt so much relief and H was surprised to see the result. He sat there for 10 seconds staring at me.

I wanted something that had shape and would be easy to maintain (trust me, even though my hair isn’t long or super long it was troublesome and tiring already.)

Respect to those with long hair and can still have beautiful mane. I do not have one to two hours to fix my hair on a daily basis.

Till then, I’m loving my short hair.


Moving to Australia with 457 Work Visa and What To Expect

Find a job these days isn’t easy. (Any job is easy but a job that suits you, and would be happy to stay and in a great company isn’t)

Finding a job in a different country doesn’t make it any easier.

Finding a company to sponsor your work visa and offer you a job isn’t anywhere close to easy.

When I decided to move to Australia, it took a lot of consideration and thinking. I’ve been through a lot in the past 12 months and that is why I have to decided to share my story. When I first graduated, I searched for jobs in Singapore for 9 months and many times I was rejected because I needed a working visa/permit or I wasn’t physically in the country for an interview. Hence, when I decided to move to Australia, I knew it wasn’t easy.

I started sending my resume in October 2016, decided to quit my job back in Malaysia in December 2016 and moved to Sydney in January 2017 and that’s when the serious hunt starts.


Looking for a job is full time – bear in mind. Updating your resume/CV and revising it a million times, cover letter, emails and applications. Everyday, I would be searching and applying for jobs for 6 hours per day and in would be sending and applying over 30 jobs. #lifeishard (Some applications even require you to sign up to their system and do an online test which takes more time)

I was lucky to be able to schedule interviews at least 3 a week and I take my interview sessions as a practice and always improve how I present myself the next time. but after 2 months of applying and interviews I finally got an offer. (with the help of a very awesome recruiter)

With the process of applying visa and waiting which took 4 months, I received my visa and I’ve been working for 2 months.


Time flies.. …


With this, many people have asked me how the process was and what are the steps needed for the visa.

First you’d need a job offer, without the job offer you can’t apply for a work visa.

Second, the company that offer you a job has to sponsor and pay for your visa. (but that doesn’t mean you don’t pay anything)

Third, the agent (usually appointed from the company) will then collect your documents and lodge your application

Forth, you wait till the nomination approval is given – this means the approval for the company to sponsor is given but does not mean your visa is granted. In some cases, agent will only lodge the visa application after the nomination application is given, but in my situation, both were lodged at the same time so when we received the nomination approval, we did not have to submit any visa application since it was done earlier.

Fifth, visa is granted and you may start work anytime.


Fees and Cost 

If you ask around the agents, different agents will tell you a different cost of the visa, it various between $8k to $20k (depending on what the agent fee is and all that document cost and jazz) but that is up to the company to agree to pay for it.

A company can’t randomly say they want to sponsor even if they are willing to fork up the money because they have to be in the list or to be “nominated” – this means, they are allowed to hire overseas and sponsor their visa. Hence during the Visa application there is two part of application

  1. Visa Employer Nomination
  2. Visa Employee Application

Visa Employer Nomination is applied from the HR of the company and Visa Employer Application is applied by you (employee). That means with every document and application there is a fee. Something that I didn’t know and nobody has inform me prior to this.

Visa Employee Application Fee various from agent and time (thanks to the government) but what I had to pay and fork up;

  • Application form $1,750
  • Agent Fee $1,650
  • IELTS test $330
  • Health Check $323

That comes up to a total of $4,053 (rough estimate of RM15,000) that has to be paid for the visa before the agent starts any work what more the application. This fee doesn’t include your flights here, accomodation, transport, food and allowance and anything else that you would need BEFORE you start working to earn any income here. So this is something that you would need to keep in mind and to some people it may be mentally stressful.


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

8 days after we lodged our application, Prime Minister announced that the Working Visa 457 would be abolished and everyone freaked out. The same morning, I emailed and contacted both my recruiter and the agent to ask if I would be affected and what would this mean.

New rules;

  • Instead of Work Visa 457, it is now called Short-Term Work Visa or Medium-Term Work Visa depending on skills
  • Instead of 4 years visa granted, new visa would only be 2 years grant
  • Previous 457 visa allows unlimited renewal each time visa expires, new visa (Short Term Work Visa) only allows one renewal with no approval guarantee ( I was told there would be a review )
  • Previous 457 visa can be applied with no working experience, new Short Term Work Visa would require a minimum of 3 years working experience.


Some people applied offshore and they are lucky enough to be able to stay in their home country while applying for jobs overseas, waiting for visa and all that jazz before coming over here hence they reduce waiting time and during the waiting time, you will not be allowed to work unless if you obtain a working holiday visa or any visa that permits you to work.

Many people told me they envy my non-working days but I can honestly say I did not enjoy it at all. I couldn’t do anything to have income, not even part-time of freelance (legally). That was my biggest obstacles but after torturous four months of waiting, I finally started work and I did not regret anything at all even if I had to be jobless of 9 months.




p/s. based on my personal experience.




Bioderma Hydrabio – dehydrated sensitive skin

I was introduced to Bioderma two years ago and it has been one of my holy-grail skin saver brand that I would always have one or two items in my daily routine from the micellar to tonique and even their awesome pawsome lipbalm and body lotion. I could go on about them but today I would be focusing on the Bioderma Hydrabio range.


Back in Malaysia, Bioderma has been really generous and lovely to introduce and educate me with the brand. Products are always sent to me by brands and companies but I would only provide honest reviews and would only talk and share about them if it is genuinely good or makes a difference. Last year, I was introduced to the Bioderma Hydrabio range during a launch. No doubt I was a little skeptical about the whole hydration range as I was afraid it might be too oily or heavy on my skin. But i was wrong.

Moving here to Sydney, my skincare has totally changed. From a humid country to a dry country, my skin has reacted. But one thing that made my skin soft, supple hydrated and protected throughout this winter was the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum and Bioderma Hydrabio Legere.




Bioderma Hydrabio Serum – I’ve already known how much I love this the face this is my go-to serum, holy-grail and it’s already my third bottle. Each bottle comes in 40ml with a user-friendly pump. Not only does it moisturise your skin and provides immediate suppleness and radiant, it also reduces redness as well as cools down the face. With most serum, the minute it absorbs into your skin, it is as if the outer layer of your skin is left with nothing and dries out. But with Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, not only does it absorb into your skin, but also leaves the outer layer with a protective moisturising barrier. Plus, it isn’t sticky as well! Primer and foundation sits nicely on it during the day, Sleeping mask sits nicely during the night and in fact, on some lazy-days where I don’t even put sleeping mask because it’s just so awesome.


Bioderma Hydrabio Legere – This lightweight moisturiser in cream form is just my go-to moisturiser where I know I wouldn’t be afraid of a sunny hot day or windy cold day. It doesn’t not like a silky layer on the skin as the serum, but this moisturiser absorbs immediately providing a slightly satin finish to your skin so you don’t look over-dewy and this is why it is suitable for normal to combination dehydrated sensitive skin.


TOP – Bioderma Hydrabio Serum | BOTTOM – Bioderma Hydrabio Legere 




I have the full range of Bioderma Hydrabio from micellar water, tonique, creme, gel-creme, riche, lip balm, essence lotion, as well as perfecteur which I would some day provide an in-depth review on the full range.


I get alot of questions asking me what is a moisturiser I would recommend, something they prefer it to be one-step quick and easy. I would recommend the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum or Legere.



I know some people may be confused how can you have normal but dehydrated skin at the same time. Well, that is a next topic I’ll be talking about. 🙂


GwenBeauty Lifestyle

Clearly made my vision better

Almost everyone shops online, with a few taps or clicks on your desktop, mobile or tablet – your item is on your way. But with e-commerce dominating the internet, it’s giving us so much more options and sites to buy from. Discount codes and promotions are constantly given out to attract new customers. But what’s most important is the customer service or how user-friendly it is.

Back then in Malaysia, getting contact lens wasn’t difficult, I could walk into any store or find my friend who’s an optometrist or even buy it from my all time favourite online store . Obviously, that was out of my option being in Sydney and I had to find a new shop/store to buy my lenses. 8 years ago when I was in Perth, I used to buy my contact lenses from another site but it wasn’t as cheap as it was anymore until I found Clearly.


Oh Look! 30% off frames & lenses now!


So when I ran out of my contact lens and decided to purchase some from Clearly (because vain-pot me refuse to wear glasses everyday especially on special occasion). I’ve gotten 2 boxes with a discount and free shipping and it arrived at my door within 3 days. #notkidding



Look at that timeline!


So within 3 days, my contacts arrived with a free case (and yes I switch between Acuvue Oasys and Pure Vision 2. Waiting to try Biofinity but will talk about that in a different post)


No doubt here it is – genuine and authentic ( I know some people are really paranoid with e-commerce and buying things online )

Even the packaging looks so pretty!!!





When I was looking into the boxes I realise something…

The power for both boxes were different!!!



I can’t be wearing power that is less than what i’m supposed to. What’s the point of wearing contacts then?


So i quickly searched on the returns and warranties. After so many years, I have never had to return something or request for an exchange. I know my friends do and it’s a lot of hassle to do so.



Turns out, as long as the boxes are unopened and it’s within the 6 months expiry date, I could return them for free! But clearly I did not want to wait so I called them up immediately.


And within 5 minutes talking to a nice lady on the phone.



I’ve been refunded full amount of the one box.


A new order has been replaced at the same cost in less than 5 hours..




That was quick. Talk about speed.



  • Great services
  • Great range of lenses
  • Quick delivery in excellent condition (I hate those crappy cardboard boxes that is dented and you don’t even get it in a nice condition)


Currently, they are running a promotion –  $10 off contact lenses on all orders above $99



BUT, if you are a new customer, you are able to get 10% discount of your first purchase on contact lens PLUS free shipping! How about that!

So if you’re looking for a new place/site to buy your frames and glasses or contact lenses. Check out Clearly.