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By Gwendolyn Me - November 04, 2021

 Today, I say goodbye to my Foreo Issa 2 Mini which I had for almost 4 years. Back then, I wasn't sure how a silicone toothbrush would work and would I regret purchasing it, hence I purchased the mini for $129. But boy did I fall in love with it and when it finally broke, I was so devastated. 

While the Foreo Mini 2 was a smaller toothbrush catered for kids but who said adults couldn't use them? The biggest difference between the Mini and the Regular is that the Issa 2 has 16 speeds while the Mini comes with a standard 1 speed. 

The brush head is replaceable so you could try a funky colour if you'd like and it comes with the regular brush head which is fully silicone or the Hybrid brush head which is half nylon half silicone. 

Image by Jessoshii

Since day 1 of using my Foreo Issa Mini, I have noticed that my gums stop bleeding. Which was something that happens very often and almost 80% of the time of me brushing my teeth. I have tried the rotating electric toothbrush in the past and didn't quite like it. While it cleaned really well and you could clean your individual teeth and reduce plague and build-ups, it wasn't that gentle. 

I started using the Issa Hybrid brush head and could immediately feel the difference, it cleans really well and it was really gentle as well. Months later when I switch to regard Issa brush head, it was really gentle but took me a week to get used to the less-to-none foam and less friction/literally brushing on my gums and teeth. 

The biggest impact was when my Foreo Issa Mini broke and would no longer turn on nor charge, I had to switch to a manual old school traditional toothbrush and my gums started bleeding (how fun!) After one brush, I immediately knew I had to get my replacement and I had purchased the Foreo Issa 3 that same night. 

I am definitely excited for Auspost to deliver my new toothbrush (ETA next Monday!) and I'll definitely give an update if I see a difference! 

Note: for those who asked why didn't I repair or replace my Foreo Issa Mini, it's because it has been out of warranty, and I did not register it when I purchased it (my mistake) hence, it was difficult to repair it. 

Till then, I say goodbye to my Foreo Mini. 

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