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By Gwendolyn Me - June 10, 2021

Every other few months, we see a new product launch especially a new foundation that has been "revolutionise" or "upgraded". We then try and test it to see what's the difference is. The good and the bad, the ins and the outs, the pros and the cons - we all want to know it.

Brands have been releasing and re-formulating serum foundations that just adds a new product on the shelf and cause more confusion to people. 

The one question I get a lot is “I just want a foundation, but there is so many out there! I don’t even know what is what anymore” In response to this question, I would usually have to explain why there are the different various kinds of foundations and help them in their journey to get one. 

Serum foundation is one that I have not talked about much or reviewed any. So, sit back, relax and hopefully, you’ll get something out of this :) 

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What is Serum Foundation?

Serum foundations (also known as foundation fluids or skin tints) are currently one of the biggest trends on the beauty market. The milky, oil- and silicone-based emulsions feel weightless and give the skin a beautiful, velvety finish without looking like makeup - Allure

It was created as the next generation foundation. The added value and extra benefit that everyone would love. The less-cakey look - close to natural but seamless, flawless, perfect finishing. 

What is the main difference between Serum Foundation and regular Foundation?

Top question to someone who hears it for the first time but doesn’t really know the difference. 

Foundations were created back then to conceal, correct and cover. From changing skin tone to correct colours and to conceal everything to have the perfect flawless skin - thus was created to be full coverage.

Then the medium coverage came in, and someone went light and the sheers. Then the matte and the dewy trend started when the cosmetic industry realised everyone has different skin types, skin tones and skin colours. More came out.

Why did Serum Foundation make an impact in the beauty industry?

Giving you a natural healthy looking glow, leaving your skin looking like skin - but better. 

If you love the lightweight feel of a tinted moisturizer, but want the full coverage of a liquid foundation, then its serum-based counterpart may be the answer to your beauty prayers. - instyle

Which Serum Foundation are my favourites and recommendation?

Note: The below are not favoured in any order.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation

Tarte Hydroflex Serum Foundation 

The Ordinary Serum Foundation 

Dior Nude Air Serum 

Should you get a Serum Foundation?

This is entirely up to you. From dry skin to oily skin, serum foundation will suit you. It’s incorporating serum foundation into your routine that makes a difference. 

Have you tried serum foundation yet? They feel lightweight going on, but can build up to provide more coverage. Mange of them contain ingredients that are great for your skin. It’s the next level of makeup with skincare benefits.

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