My Curl Hair Girl Journey

By Gwendolyn Me - November 21, 2019

Everyone who knows me since I was 11 knows me as the curly hair girl.
And I use to hate.
I hated it.
I despise it.
I often wondered why am I stuck with the unwanted hair.
I grew up in an age where silky-straight-flat-hair stuck to your face like some gothic chick or what they called (and still) Japanese Straight Hair, was the cool, nice hair everybody wanted.
And then there's me, the total opposite.
At the age of 14, I was allowed my first rebonding permanent Japanese hair straightening, I was THRILLED. 😁
Wore it proudly everywhere refusing to wash my hair and smelled heavily with chemicals that I just got used to it.
Fast forward 15 years later, I've owned 6 straighteners, 8 curlers, bleached, dyed, shopped and basically everything I couldve done to my hair.
  1. Straightening became part of my daily routine.
  2. I was a professional in a salon blow-out style.
And then one day, I woke up and decided I needed to stop ruining my hair and basically stopped using heat on a daily basis.
But my hair would frizz... A hair dryer won't work!!
So, I have decided. Enough is enough
Came out of the shower with wet hair, air dried it and...
The curls are back!!
At this rate, I'm 3 weeks in my curly girl journey. I'm still at an experimenting stage trying out techniques and products. Cutting down on heat and allowing my hair to air dry as much as possible.
On some days, they are fine.
One some other days, it struggles.
You could see the waves but isn't as curly.
Looking into the curl types, I've learnt that I am a 2C/3A
Doesn't show much ey??
Guess this would be better
Currently my hair isn't bouncing to it's natural state, but it's siting at 2B/2C. once it. Bounces into natural state, it. Would bea 3A.
Lesson I've learnt (wish I knew earlier), I'f you've got frizzy hair, you could be curly. 😊
Embracing change is not easy, but it's good!

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