Bioderma - The Rumors Are True

By Gwendolyn Me - January 01, 2019

From sensitive skin to dry skin to oily/Acne skin, Bioderma covers you all.

As we all know, our skin is complicated, there are sensitive and oily or sensitive and dry, or acne with oily skin or acne with dry skin. But regardless which, Bioderma is here to save your day!! #ikidyounot #notjoking

I would say I've tried more than half of what Bioderma owns. Okay, maybe not more than half but the majority of the best selling AND the holy grail ones. #yesiamsharingthesecret

As far as I remember, Bioderma was one of the first brands that sold the micellar water, and it is the holy grail, most-talked, highly raved product.

"1 bottle sold every 2 seconds" - they claim. 

Today, there are many micellar water products available in the market, dupes and competitors. From Eucerin to Garnier, L'Oréal to Lamer and so many more that it's everywhere.
Some dupes are cheaper, and some may clean as efficient, some may sting your eye and so on so forth.

I have sensitive skin, and everyone knows that, and here is where the dupes make a difference.
  • Garnier may clean better, but it stings my eyes, and my irritates my skin.
  • L'Oréal stings bad, not just the eyes but my cheeks as well.
  • La Roche-Posay did not clean as well, and I found myself needing to use more than usual to remove my every-day face.
  • Avene left my skin feeling there's a lipid layer.
  • Sephora stings my eyes and has a floral + alcohol scent to it. Avoiding the eyes were fine, but it left my skin dry.
  • Simple has a botanical herb scent and left my skin dry.
  • Nivea needed a few extra swipes to clean as well, although it didn't leave my skin drying, I felt like I needed to spend more time cleaning my face.
  • Eucerin may not sting, but it has a scent to it.

Bioderma has three different range on their skincare range and each comes with the Micellar Water. I've tried all three and none of them make difference

Hydrabio - Dry Skin
Sensibio - Sensitive Skin
Sebium - For oily skin

With Bioderma, my skin is never dry and it even removes all the waterproof makeup that I have. So if you haven't tried it. Give it a go!

P/S, these are my personal opinions. 

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