Maintaining Healthy Looking Skin

By Gwendolyn Me - February 11, 2018

We go through a basic skincare regime everyday with Cleanser - Tone - Moisturise (Day & Night). We learn and know how to repair or treat a problem when needed. Hyaluronic Acid when you have dry skin, tea tree oil when you have acne.

But how often do we treat our skin properly without irritating and damaging it further in the long run?

When I first found Celltrex Ultra sitting on my mother's vanity table, I was curious and picked it up. Tested and tried it like any curious beauty-addict would do. Finally, I looked it up, and I was curious. I then asked my mom what it was, and she gave me the remaining bottle of what she had.

This was two years ago, and I've been hooked on it since.

It's literally insurance for your skin.

Why do I say it's Insurance For Your Skin?
It protects the skin from free radical damage, dust, pollution and all that jazz. It helps to keep skin looking supple, smooth and healthy.

I know they are a few other products out there that promotes on protecting your skin from dust and pollution while providing long term benefit, but with Celltrex Ultra, it also rebounds from daily oxidative stress.

It's like an insurance for your skin as in the long run; you are protected from damage, you'll age gracefully and keeping your skin radiance and healthy.

It's not just repairing temporary or what's on the surface, but keeping your skin safe on the long-run deep within your skin.

Contains patented polyphenol hydroxytyrosol, the most powerful component of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil, which scavenges skin-aging free radicals. Just a few drops of Celltrex® Ultra keeps your skin looking supple, firm, and healthy.

Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid fits in the treatment step and should be applied after toning and before moisturizing in the evening to help the skin recover from the days stress/damages.

Well, Apparently... ...

Dermatologists understand that cellular oxidation (sometimes referred to as cellular metabolism) is a source of skin aging. Research has shown that the nutrients, especially hydroxytyrosol, found in extra virgin olive oil can be effective in relieving oxidative stress on cells. To demonstrate the ability of Celltrex® Ultra to minimize oxidation, cut a russet potato* in half and spread Celltrex® Ultra Recovery Fluid onto one half of the potato. Do not apply any product to the other half of the potato. Place the two halves side by side and examine both halves of the potato after fifteen minutes. You will notice, the half of the potato with Celltrex® Ultra still looks fresh, while the untreated half is beginning to brown. The longer you wait, the more dramatic the difference between the two halves becomes. *A russet potato will provide the most visually compelling results.

Personal Experience:

I've used this for over two years and I never really noticed what a difference it made until I stopped using it a year ago. My skin started to dry up in patches with flaky skin, acne and larger pores, as well as eczema and rosacea due to the dry skin, especially over the winter seasons and throughout eight months.

After six months of trying to figure out why I finally repurchased the Celltrex Ultra, and my skin has drastically improved.

So it's a holy grail and a highly recommended product for those who want to be protected and have nice supple skin in the long run.

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