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Clearly made my vision better

Almost everyone shops online, with a few taps or clicks on your desktop, mobile or tablet – your item is on your way. But with e-commerce dominating the internet, it’s giving us so much more options and sites to buy from. Discount codes and promotions are constantly given out to attract new customers. But what’s most important is the customer service or how user-friendly it is.

Back then in Malaysia, getting contact lens wasn’t difficult, I could walk into any store or find my friend who’s an optometrist or even buy it from my all time favourite online store . Obviously, that was out of my option being in Sydney and I had to find a new shop/store to buy my lenses. 8 years ago when I was in Perth, I used to buy my contact lenses from another site but it wasn’t as cheap as it was anymore until I found Clearly.


Oh Look! 30% off frames & lenses now!


So when I ran out of my contact lens and decided to purchase some from Clearly (because vain-pot me refuse to wear glasses everyday especially on special occasion). I’ve gotten 2 boxes with a discount and free shipping and it arrived at my door within 3 days. #notkidding



Look at that timeline!


So within 3 days, my contacts arrived with a free case (and yes I switch between Acuvue Oasys and Pure Vision 2. Waiting to try Biofinity but will talk about that in a different post)


No doubt here it is – genuine and authentic ( I know some people are really paranoid with e-commerce and buying things online )

Even the packaging looks so pretty!!!





When I was looking into the boxes I realise something…

The power for both boxes were different!!!



I can’t be wearing power that is less than what i’m supposed to. What’s the point of wearing contacts then?


So i quickly searched on the returns and warranties. After so many years, I have never had to return something or request for an exchange. I know my friends do and it’s a lot of hassle to do so.



Turns out, as long as the boxes are unopened and it’s within the 6 months expiry date, I could return them for free! But clearly I did not want to wait so I called them up immediately.


And within 5 minutes talking to a nice lady on the phone.



I’ve been refunded full amount of the one box.


A new order has been replaced at the same cost in less than 5 hours..




That was quick. Talk about speed.



  • Great services
  • Great range of lenses
  • Quick delivery in excellent condition (I hate those crappy cardboard boxes that is dented and you don’t even get it in a nice condition)


Currently, they are running a promotion –  $10 off contact lenses on all orders above $99



BUT, if you are a new customer, you are able to get 10% discount of your first purchase on contact lens PLUS free shipping! How about that!

So if you’re looking for a new place/site to buy your frames and glasses or contact lenses. Check out Clearly.


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