By Gwendolyn Me - April 08, 2016

Face powders are one of the most important things I would say regardless of having dry, oily or combination skin. And even if you don't wear foundation, it gives your skin that lasting fresh look.
It could be used to set your foundation, or as a protection barrier to your skincare. It could be used to mattify your skin or give you that extra glow.

Most people are afraid to use it as they think it would cake up your face or make them look older. But it doesn't.

One of my favourite powder is the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder.

Though the product only comes in one size, 5g, I think it's quite decent since it retails at RM28.15 

This year, Innisfree celebrates it's 10th year anniversary with launching their limited edition no sebum mineral powder packaging. 
Bear in mind, the formulation is the name, just the packaging difference. But how cute it is!!A great gift for your girlfriends. :D

And it is available it 10 different colors with greeting messages in both English and Korean version from;
Thank You
Good Luck
Best Friend Forever
Dreams Come True
You Are the Best

The thing about Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder asides being a replacement for oil control paper and saying bye-bye to greasy oily face, there are also other usage such as; Dry Shampoo, Eye Primer, Deodorant, Matte Lipstick. 

As matte as it sounds and the word "No-Sebum" seems to be shouting everywhere, I suffer from dry sensitive skin with rosecea and the last thing I want is powder drying up my face and dry patches appearing. ugh, hate that! This product doesn't give me that problem. 

You can buy these limited edition no-sebum mineral powder here at
Or their Facebook page at

Till then, Remember! You’re never ugly, only if you’re lazy! :)

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