By Gwendolyn Me - February 28, 2016

It continues to amaze me that so many woman today are willing to undergo drastic surgery/aesthetic services for wrinkles but don’t wear sunscreen.
Many people underestimate the power of the sun. It is not just a major cause of hyper-pigmentation, but also wrinkles, dryness – which leads to premature aging.
Friends and people always laugh at my love-hate relationship with Mr. Sun, but they are reasons why I do so. As much as i love him, there are moments I dislike him too (hate is such a strong word. lol). BUT!! That doesn’t stop me from going outside and enjoy the beach. I just simply have my precautions.
How many of you actually use sunscreen and actually understand the things that it does to you in the long run? (I think sunscreen is one of the topic I talk about the most here.) The most common question I get is
“How do you keep your complexion so nice?”
“Why are you so fair? What do you do?”
It’s simple. Always use sunscreen! It doesn’t matter if you have any foundation or BB Cream on or if you’re just plain jane. You always need sunscreen. Even if you don’t like the fair skin and you want a tan, it’s important to get the right sunscreen/tanning lotion/oil and stay away from the damage it does to your skin in the long run.
I remember when NIVEA came out with the sun protection awareness ads, it was really effective as it shows you the effects it does it the long run (plus, how you would look like).
Not endorsed by NIVEA.
Now you wouldn’t wanna wait till you’re old with wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation to start using sunscreen right? Bit too late don’t you think?

Many have also commented that there’s so many types of sunscreen from UVA to UVB to broad spectrum and what does all that mean? And whether if physical (known as mineral) or chemical sunscreen is better.

What’s the difference between UVA and UVB? 
UVB cause burning on the outer surface of the skin whereas UVA breaks down your skin collagen, and only appears in the long run. Even during the winter days, you may not be exposed to UVB, but you’re still exposed to UVA rays. So put on your sunscreen before going out! You’re never too young for sunscreen – prevention is better than cure I always say.

Physical Sunscreen VS Chemical Sunscreen
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.28.34 PM
Taken from
Physical sunscreen (known as mineral sunscreen) contains ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide – which reflects the rays away from the skin.
Chemical sunscreen absorb the rays which isn’t a great option for sensitive skin because when the rays are absorb into the sunscreen, it’s on the surface of your skin.
So what would you rather have? bouncing of rays? or leaving them on your skin surface?
Then they are sunscreens that contains both physical and chemical which are popular because they have consistency and protection.

Remember! You’re never ugly, only if you’re lazy! :)

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