Quick Makeup Tweaks

By Gwendolyn Me - January 18, 2016

Makeup is definitely the best way for women to perk up their face within seconds and have that boost of confidence.
Who says that women do their makeup for hours? (My average time spent is 15 minutes) They are also a few tips and tricks on how to apply your makeup especially when you are in hurry or just need to freshen up.
Three make up tweaks that everyone should need to know.
  1. For Fresh Eyes
If you realize that your brows might be looking a little patchy and scattered;
  • Fill them up with a pencil. Line your brows with a lighter eyebrow pencil shade and create the shape on both sides perfectly. (Brows are important, remember? They frame your face!)
  • Apply some mascara on from the root to the tip to create an elongate touch for your eyelashes. Focus one eye at a time and balance it out as you go.
  1. For Fuller Looking Lips
Some of you may not know this buy lining your lips with a lip liner definitely helps make your lips look kissable. Whether you are wearing the same lip liner shade or darker, the effect at the end will make your lips appear sexy and sharp.
  • Dab some liquid highlighter on the top and bottom center of your lips for that perfect finish.
  1. Emphasize your cheeks for a radiant look
Every woman knows that you can create a fresh look by puffing up your cheekbones with a nice blush. Choose a highlighter which matches your skin tone and blush it on your cheeks nicely. Create that nice polished look and appear fresher when you step out of the house. If you want that quick pick me up look after a long day, the blushed effect will transform your appearance. (Don’t forget to not overdo it!)

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