By Gwendolyn Me - September 20, 2015

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It’s interesting how P.F. Chang’s sounds really familiar but just isn’t enough to know more about the name. How often do you get an Asian cuisine that is influenced by the westerners? (I’m not talking about fusion dishes)

P.F. Chang’s restaurant is decorated with class, with the dim ambient and the environment. I believe many would mistaken it as an asian fine dining restaurant.
When we were seated, menus were served to us quickly. Noticed that the menu comes with description which is a plus point as anyone who knows me would know how I feel it is important for menus to have clear descriptions.
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Dynamite Shrimp

For the starters, we wanted to order something light and have small bites of each dish. Unfortunately, they weren’t small at all. The dumplings (photo below) was really oily and the ‘skin’ of the dumpling was too thick. BUT, the fillings were alright and it was well balanced. One thing I’ll say is that, it looks like wanton more than a dumpling. #LOL
The Dynamite Shrimp on the other hand that looks like cocktail shrimps was too creamy for me. Even though it looks spicy but the taste overall is very interesting. BUT, it’s definitely not something to be finished by someone. I saw there was a group of ladies next table who each ordered one. LOL. i wonder how they finished it.
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The service of the food came really quick and we were surprised how fast the kitchen was working seeing that it was full house that night.
With P.F Chang, we get the common situations where what we see on the menu is different than what it really comes out on the dish. Let’s put that aside first and talk about the taste.
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Chicken Lettuce Wrap
The Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wrap was sweet to eat it by itself, but with rice it would be perfect. It is also too saucy as a starter/appetizer and it becomes too filling for that. The lettuce was fresh and couldn’t be any better.
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Oolong Sea Bass
The Oolong Sea Bass was sweet too, cooked perfectly done. But also, I think the common chinese cuisine issue is that, it only taste good with rice. Because the sauce is too swet to be eaten alone. Not like Fish and Chips where you can just eat it as a main dish.
Plus point to note, P.F. Chang serves brown rice and white rice, unlimited supplies!. #LOL Hurrays for rice-eaters.

Now this is where it is being westernised.
Fried banana in spring rolls instead of battered. And the Great Wall of Chocolate? That could feed 10 people!

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Fried Bananas with Ice Cream
These bananas are wrapped in spring rolls and deep fried rather than battered and fried. Taste wise was quite unique as when you get the first bite, you would be expecting the spring roll / popiah taste, but then you’ll get the mushy banana instead. So I was quite surprised with the taste but I love it.
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Cheese Cake

Now, how can you go wrong with cheesecake? NEVER – if you do, you’re just bad. LOL

I feel that P.F. Chang’s taste and overall is very different than our usual chinese restaurant we get around here. So one tip/advice is to not go in and expect your Restaurant Oversea standard because the food is different. It’s a western restaurant selling asian dishes. There’s a different. #LOL

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