By Gwendolyn Me - June 07, 2015

Cleansing is a very important step of our daily routine regardless how many steps of makeup /skincare you have and regardless of age and sex. Cleansing is a must step for everyone. You clean your hands, your body, you hair, so you gotta clean your face too.
Choosing the right cleanser is also important as you need to understand your skin well and what is your routine like.
Ive got sensitive skin with minor Rosecea so it is very important for me to have a cleanser that cleans well but yet doesnt strip all that oil and skin away. Unfortunately i cant use a scrub or exfoliate everyday due to my skin sensitivity. So i always have to do a double cleanse step also due to me wearing all the layers of makeup.
Ive recently stubled upon a new product.  The Lancome Galatee Confort – Comforting Milky Cream Cleanser.
Lancome is quite a brand famous for many products but this is one product that is not highly advertised, reviewed or discussed.  Hence I’ve decided to do a review on this and since its in my monthly favourites. Thats a plus point.
It comes in the standard skincare bottle with two sizes  200ml and 400ml.
With their standard pump which i love. Cause its different than the usual pump and this saves alot of space  and travel friendly. I hate the pumps that has a long stick pump and whenever i travel im damn afraid my stuff might push and accidentally pump liquid out #triedandtested
In this review, ill also be showing how effective this cleanser is as a makeup remover and as a face cleanser.
As a face cleanser,  it works well and cleanse well with a layer of moisture so it does not give you that tight tacky feeling that everyone hates.
On my hand, i have makeup base, two layers of foundation, blusher, bronzer, concealers, correctors,  waterproof eyeliner, matte lipsticks, lip stain and lip crayon. On top of everything, setting powder. (My usual everyday look)
Let the magic begin
I didnt have to gently scrub, just madsage throughly without water .
And tadah..  looks red because of the lipstick and the lipstains. You could see that the water proof eyeliner no longer is visible.
As my lipstick and lipstains are long-wear and waterproof, my only concerns now was “damn…is this gonna cause my hand to be stained in red?”
I rinsed it with water and massaged gently, I was literally  “omg. What sorcerer is this????”
It works so well that not a stain of lipstick, eyeliners or any makeup was found on my hand.
This shows how well this product works and cleans deeply as well.
Ending this post with a selfie.

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