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By Gwendolyn Me - May 09, 2015

I was super duper excited when I found out that Laniege has launched their latest product – Lip Sleeping Mask. As you guys should know by now. I’m obsessed with lip product, especially lip sticks – in the color RED.
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So, my lips to me are very important. I know some people neglect them. Or may just apply a random lip balm over 20 times a day. The thing about lip balm is that; if you have to apply 20 times throughout the day when you are out. That’s one shitty lip balm. In my recent post here , I’ve reviewed my holy grail/current favourite lip balm (Bobbi Brown Lip Balm). I’ve tried from Dior to Chanel to MAC to NIVEA to Vaseline to Lip Ice to ECO to Burts Bees to Blistex to Carmex and many more. From drugstore to high end, i’ve gone through many of them. Of course there are some that works like (Blistex and Carmex) but both are unavailable in Malaysia.
When Laneige launch a lip sleeping mask. i was like “omgwtf is this?” After their launch, I’ve decided to try it out.
Before I start this review or ranting about this product, I would like to inform you that my lips are dry, chappy, cracked and just very very bad. I feel like my lips are peeling everyday. You know like a snake when it has to change it’s skin during a certain season/age? That’s my lips everyday wtf.
The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask was also launched together with their all time favourite Water Sleeping Mask, but a newer formulation that is supposingly better.
My haul from Laneige launch. The basic travel set (I’ve always loved this. cheap, worth it and travel-friendly). With the Lip Sleeping Mask. I didn’t purchase the new Water Sleeping Mask. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it or didn’t feel like trying it (trust me i do!) it was just that i was in a hurry and the sales lady was very busy. So i decided to get it the next time.
The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is in a 20g decent size, packaging is amazing (glass tub). Comes with a plastic spatula. (yay! That means I dont’ have to dig my fingers into the tub) image
The formulation : (it claims)
Achieve not only moisturised skin but lips too with the all-new LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask. Sleep your way to smooth and supple lips with the Moisture Wrap™, Berry Mix Complex™, and Vitamin C found in the Lip Sleeping Mask. The balm-like, sticky texture equipped with a sweet and fruit berry fragrance ensures that the mask stays on your lips throughout the night, giving you a special intensive care that gently removes dry, flaky skin on your lips.
Did it do that?
I’ve tried it on for a week, apparently, you’re not suppose to apply it every night. You only use it twice to three times PER WEEK. Not sure what happens if you apply every night though. LOL.
After the first night, my lips were definitely softer, my matte lipstick looks so much more better and it didn’t define my chappy dry lips.

here’s a demo AFTER i applied on the first night. (please ignore my 4 pimples)
Instantly, I could feel the moisture. When I applied it in the beginning, I felt like I was applying Lip Gloss. But better! Because lip gloss tend to be sticky and icky and just too thick. And it doesn’t blend in or absorb. But this. My Oh My! I wish this could be like a lip balm. It taste a little bit like raspberry (so it doesn’t have that bitter icky taste), it was more like a lip balm taste. After about 10 minutes, you can eat, lick your lips, smack your lips, kiss someone, and it will still stay there. The next morning you wake up. You have nice soft moistured baby lips. SO AMAZING RIGHT! 10/10 here.
For a quick fix in the morning, you may apply a super thin layer after you brush your teeth and let it set for about 10 minutes (at the moment you can do your hair/makeup) and then apply your lipstick.
For night time, you may apply a thick layer and go to sleep. You don’t even have to worry about it staining your pillow or teddy. :)
This product is available in most of the Laniege store in Malaysia, selling for RM70 (inclusive of GST).
You may find stay tuned and find out more information here.
Share with me your thoughts if you’ve tried this. Or which is your favourite lip balm?

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