By Gwendolyn Me - March 21, 2015

I've always been a fan of Japanese food. Sushi and sashimi and all that ramen and the list goes on. Funny that I love the korean language and korean skincare and all, but I prefer the Japanese food over Korean food. lol 

Anyway, if you're from Malaysia, you should know Sushi Zanmai by now. It's almost everywhere. It wasn't recently until I knew that Sushi Zanmai was actually owned by a 'company' call Supersushi. They own Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Hokkaido Ichiba (my favourite place), Ozen Zanmai, Zen, Sushi Zen... so many right wtf. I actually suspected Hokkaido and Sushi Zanmai were the same because the menu and logo were damn similar. and i was right. 

Sushi Zanmai and Hokkaido Ichiba is definately one of the top ten japanese sushi restaurant to go in KL. 

I don't usually order the sets whenever I go for Japanese cuisine because I feel it takes the joy out of it. LOL. How can you not have nigiri sushi?? 

Salmon Mentaiyaki - Salmon/Belly Nigiri Sushi is one thing, but for the past two year, mentaiyaki has been coming up and you can see it everywhere. and best of all, it's actually DAMN NICE. #gwenapproved

Just in case you didn't know, mentaiyaki is actually marinated pollock roe. Some call it mentai sauce, mentaiyaki, mentaiko (similar just different spelling. ) 

Yakiniko Don - Beef fillet with onion on rice. This is like one of the simplest recipe. But you know they say sometimes they easy ones are the hardest? It's true. The trick for yakiniko don is the beef. If it's too dry, or over cooked, or too raw, or not marinated well, the whole dish deduct points. lol 
I don't usually order a don by myself cause I won't be able to finish my order food. So fatty usually orders it and I nibble from him. 

Edamame - Not everyones favourite, but it's my kind of french fries. :) 

Salmon platter. lol how can anyone resist this. #nuffsaid 

Who's a sushi/japanese fan as well? Share what is your worst/best experience or where is your favourite place. 

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