gwenbeauty || Cleaning my bb cushion sponge

By Gwendolyn Me - March 27, 2015

When @lovelumi posted a photo and wrote about cleaning her bb cushion sponge with all that foundation left. It reminded me that i have not washed mine and had to do it. 

I usually wash my beauty blender, concealer and foundation brush every two/three uses. But the one and only thing I've never washed was my bb cushion sponge. That was maybe when they first started selling the bb cushion, the sponge was one of the selling point of being antibacterial and all that. 

So, I decided to take out my laneige bb cushion to wash it. Thinking about it, ive had this for about a year and I've never washed it. (I know! Eww right!) 
This is how it looks like before the wash. Fyi, i still use this and its not like a thrown/unwanted sponge. 
Took me a while to figure out how to wash it. Because unlike the beauty blender, this was not built to go through everyday wash and i was afraid it might break when im washing or rubbing it. 

The minute i poured the brush cleanser and squeezed the sponge. I was horrified. 

First rinse.. after about 3 minute of gentle squeezing. I poured the brush cleanser again as i could still see foundation on the sponge. 

2nd rinse. How is this possible!! 
Third rinse i decided to just use a little bit of the brush cleanser as i didnt want to waste it. There was still so much more i was horrified and by the third rinse. It has been about 5 minutes. 
Four rinse. By this time, im not sure if cleaning the sponge is possible at all. LOL. But as you can see its getting cleaner. 

So after another 2 wash. ( a total of 6 wash) 


Lesson learnt:: clean your makeup brush/sponged.

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