GST and Me [My thoughts]

By Gwendolyn Me - March 17, 2015

When the government announced that they were going to launch a new GST system. I was like "meh! another government political tactics to just eat each other's money." 

Then the citizens and the people started throwing fuss and getting angry towards the government to the point; wherever you go, whoever you meet, the topic was GST. I have never seen everyone so united before. Not even during the election period. Even the topic of CNY 2015 was all about this whole GST. 

It wasn't until ONE DAY, someone posted on Facebook and people around started saying "eh. beauty products, salon, spa and massages also will be affected with GST!" 


That is it. WHAT IS THIS SHIT!!!! 

I usually don't give a damn if it's not related to me or does not affect me. But when i heard that it's affected the beauty industry, I got so angers and the first thing I thought was "wtf now i have to pay more?????"

Yes, they say earning women's money is the biggest industry which I strongly agree but that does not mean I agree in paying more. Hence I started googling and searching more about this. 

Turns out. 

Beauty services such as hair salon, manicures, body and spa, massages, facial treatments, IPL, waxing, threading and so on so forth beauty related. You'll have to pay an extra 6% GST. (whether or not you have to pay 10% service charge is subjected to matter) 

Not to mention, 

ALL BEAUTY PRODUCTS SKINCARE AND COSMETICS related will have 6% extra. #damnit 

So all you ladies out there, eyeing that Clarisonic or SKII treatment? Any high end luxury item? Get it by end of the month, if not you would have to get it oversea. LOL. 

*The reason why I bought my Clarisonic last week so that I wouldn't have to pay the obvious difference. LOL 

If you want to find out more about GST; to know what is affected and what isn't. You may check out <here

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