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By Gwendolyn Me - February 10, 2015

I knew I've wanted a new wallet for a long time as my Gucci is peeling of me and it is very heartbreaking to watch all the strings and leather coming off. 

I had my eyes on the YSL or the LV wallet for a really long time. It's not that I don't have the money for it. But I just felt stupid to spend ALL my money on it and I wanted to go for smtg lower. If not next time what can I upgrade to? 

If now I change to LV then have to upgrade to Prada or Celine or stay there d. right? LOL

I haven't even had the chance to enjoy Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Furla, or even Coach. (Hey, who said only prada and celine has nice wallets? Are you all about the design or the brand?) So I decided to buy myself one wallet with my own hard work money. 

I mean I bought myself the Gucci years ago, But back then it was my allowance saved And I didn't have any debts or commitments. So that's not really HARD EARNED MONEY right?

Many have asked And said "don't buy so much makeup And skincare la" or "save ur money can buy lor " or "ahya. wanna save money got how hard wor. " but dude seriously, you do not know how much money goes out of my wallet and account everyday/week/month. 

But the thing is, I've got commitments And debt to pay. And now that I've got a place, It's even more. 

I bought myself a MacbookAir last year in August as a birthday present to my own. And I was really proud of it. But took me like few months to really consider And think through it. To regret not getting it every time i got home and to realise how much i yearn for it. 
I was so happy the day I took this baby home. 
I was also very happy the first day I got my very own car. Under my own name, picking my own car plate number, deciding the color, and knowing I can't save extra. LOL. But it was an #achievementunlocked moment

So here I am with the same happy #achievementunlocked moment again. :D One can never get enough of it. hehe. Fats decided to agree to go to Pavilion which is like ONCE A YEAR moment cause he hates going there. I think the very last time I went there was ... ... ...  
heck i can't even remember!! Most probably before my birthday or something! #sosad. 
But before we went to Pavilion we went to Bangsar Village, and there was a Furla store there, so I walked in. Fats mentioned that there was a wallet that was pretty nice. Then i saw it, i fell in love with it. THEN THEY HAD PINK! and yellow, and blue and orange and like OHMAIGAWD CANNOT DECIDE!!!! 
Since last week when I went to Singapore, we were at Takashimaya (that was when fats told me bout the Furla wallet) and I saw it the first time. 
The second time was at Bangsar Village, where I checked the price. 30% discount leh!!!! what are you waiting for?
Then third time at Pavilion, and it got me thinking "what am i waiting for? Just buy only la. Since I love it so much." 
we walked out of the store, walked like 10 steps, then Fats asked why I didn't buy. LOL!!! Actually I wanted to buy, but I was secretly afraid that Fats would scold. HAHAHAHA. but see see he is encouraging me. So we walked back in. and bought it. The malay lady was like. LOL!

Cannot get Enough of this. I feel so happy And so proud of myself. 
#selfpraisingmoment #syioksendiri 

And I have really happy that I am able to be where I am today. Standing alone And without relying on anyone.

Hey, CNY. New clothes, New wallet right? :D Money money come come come! 

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