How I cured my itchy scalp and dandruff

By Gwendolyn Me - December 26, 2014

We have always had this issue. Oily scalp, itchy scalp, or even falky scalp. Some of the days it may be dry and flaky, and whenever we wear black tops, it is embarassing because it looks as if it's snowing on us. We've seen the ads on clear or Heads & shoulders. We have even tried all sorts of brands and type of anti-dandruff shampoos. Then the only thing to seem to work is Selsun Blue but it doesn't cure it still. 

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I've tried just about every brand from sunsulk to heads&shoulders to redken, loreal and even to high ranges brand. I.T D.O.E.S.N.T W.O.R.K 

Most of us has got it, it's just how bad it is. Firstly, let me tell you my hair condition; 

  • Damaged caused by bleaching
  • When scalp is oily, it's crusty
  • When scalp is dry, it's flaky
  • When scalp is oily, hair is flat
  • When scalp is dry, hair is fluffy 
  • Split ends
  • curly ad frizzy

And the list goes on. 

Many people think that dandruff is cause by dry scalp but it's not all that true. Our scalp is actually covered by  some fungus called malassezia globosa that grows on oil. SO! If you don't wash your hair, they absorb your oil, and dandruff will start to show. So now you're thinking "This is why you should wash your hair everyday" right? 

Products from anti-dandruff shampoo usually contains ingredients such as zinc, sulfate, menthol, coal tar, Salicylic Acid and so on so forth. But that only washes it off and fix your temporary issue. Then it comes back again. It took me a reaalllllly long time and a really itchy scalp to find out how do i cure my head. 

Then I thought about it, back in those days, when I used to use baby shampoo. I did not have this issue!! So i went to Guardian and bought a small bottle of baby shampoo and YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE ME!!!  


My hair was voluminous and perfect. (even with the damage ends). The thing is that many of us tried so hard to try to fix it with all the chemicals, we forget to go BACK TO THE BASCIS. Anti-dandruff or even hair loss products contains a lot of chemicals that doesn't suit everyone and ESPECIALLY people with sensitive skin will react to it. Sometimes, certain product may seem alright in the beginning but then later on that is when it all flares up. High chemical products tend to strip off your natural oils and your ph balance will not be balance.

There are two ways to do it. Organic products or Baby products. So it's all up to you, both are chemical-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and chemical-free (most importantly)

They are gentle but yet strong enough to clean away the grease. Baby products are not JUST meant for them, adults may use them too. But adults products can't be used on baby because of all the other chemicals. Sometimes we forget that why can it work on a baby and it cannot work on us? Well, actually it does. The

I am proud to say that I am on the path to a better scalp now, it has been a month, and my scalp has never felt better in YEARS!

So give it a try and there's no harm. :)

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  1. So baby products right? So gonna try them after 2014! Gah! Glad I'm not the only one AiLing! >A< Am I only to use the baby product until my scalp's ok again or is the baby product thing permanent?