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By Gwendolyn Me - December 27, 2014

Yesterday night, we decided to go to Jaya One Boat Noodle for dinner and after that we wanted to have some dinner. (Trust me; Boat Noodle is NOT the place to go if you want to eat till you are full) 

Milkshake which was just two shops down was closed so Carol googled another placed called Vvwaffle which was at Jaya One as well, just one floor above Boat Noodle. 

Took us quite a while to find the place. But spot this logo and that's the place. :D 

Unfortunately, when we arrived there at 9.30pm, there were already CLOSED. Carol again gave her puppy face and then they were nice enough to give us one for free :D (I think they were using up the leftovers for their own, but decided to give us since we were upset that they were closing up) How nice for them!! Thumbs up! #pointsgiven

So I decided to ask them a few questions and turns out, they are 3 weeks old!!! Or should I say 3 weeks new. :D 

(Photo taken from their Facebook here

Check out the design below the counter hand-painted! 

So, what do I think of it? 

Service wise #winliaoloh giving us the final last free waffle which was their own. 

Taste wise #nottoobad . One of the Owner Jun, apparently took 2 years to experiment, test and trial before he came up with his final recipe/idea. Waffle from fermented brioche dough. 

Check out their yummy waffles!! And yes, they do have marshmallows as sides too! With drinks and coffee to order too. 

Their waffles ranges from sweet to savoury. So depending on your individual liking, you may decide for your own. Belgian waffles with Belgian chocolates, all i can say is #yummy 

(Real photo taken!! This was the piece she made for us. looks so yummy right!!! we have the savoury one, garlic butter. Too bad we didn't get to try the sweet one. But I personally don't like savoury waffle or pancake. but this one is niece :D )

The downside is that they close at 8.30pm. So if you are thinking of an after dinner dessert, unless your dinner starts at 5 or 6pm nearby, you might be able to make it to the last call. And if you are early, they open at 11.30am. 

Located at 
Level P1, The School Complex, Jaya One, Jln University, Petaling Jaya.  (Right above Boat Noodle)

You may also check out their Facebook (here)  for any updates. 


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