By Gwendolyn Me - November 22, 2014

I've reached to an age where I have become so vain that I sleep with my products next to me and my room/cupboard/floor is literally flooded with skincare and makeup products because I have become so obsessed with it. I think I took a photo and show you guys, you would think I'm an unorganised pig. =P

You know there's a saying "No Pain, No Gain". Back in those days, whenever someone looks different, had their nose done or did botox, people would say "So plastic!" why? It's because of plastic surgery. (Kinda think of it, I don't know why they have to use the word plastic, why not fixing surgery or silicone surgery. LOL Since silicone would be used more than plastic right?) Anyway, we have always had that mind-set that it is scary, we have seen many famous people and celebrities who has went under the knife and things didn't go so well. Michael oh michael. why didn't you wait? LOL

Back in those days, the only way to do it was to go under the knife, guess Michael couldn't wait. But it is also thanks to Michael and many other people that doctors and researchers have found a new way to introduce beauty without a knife to the society and the world. 

I was really happy that I was introduced to one of Malaysia and Singapore's top aesthetic clinic, Ido's Clinic. Yes. not surgery is done here, no anaesthesia needed and no blood spilling out.

I was invited to a party at Ido's Clinic at Setia Walk where we got up close and personal with their consultants, doctors and event live demo. Not to mention, we had games and free treatment vouchers and free treatments as well! 

Kudos to all the awards and recognition they have. They had two walls full of these. 

One thing that really caught my attention was the deco, interior design and the setting of the whole place. 

It didn't look like a normal clinic, it looked like a home. 

Where got so homey one!! Usually spas looks and feels like hotel resorts and clinic usually looks and feels like the hospital. LOL 

See their stairs looks so nice. I think if i show you just this stairs, you wouldn't believe that it's a clinic as well. 

Asides the deco and the setting, the people were really lovely and friendly. Thumbs up to that, there are some places that I go to for facial or waxing or massage where most of the people in there will ignore me or give me one kind of look. And sometimes it feels so awkward and unpleasant being there. 

They decorated the place with balloons just for us!! Those who knows me would know how obsessed I am with balloons. :D Everyone's a kid at heart right?

We started off with a treasure hunt game where we had to find either 
1) Voucher envelopes
2) Products 

I was lucky enough to spot one of the vouchers behind the photo frame right info front of me. AND the product under MY CHAIR!!! The chair I was sitting in. So within 10 minutes, I had the two items. But little did I know later that we can only decide on either the voucher or the product. So i gave up the product. 

After that we had a aesthetic seminar where we got to know much more about the aesthetic treatments and benefits. It was really an eye-opener to know so much about them and know the truth behind the myths and conspiracy. 
From lifting to pigmentation to darkcircles to fillers and botox. Even double eyelid procedures and scaring. They do them all. Safe, Efficient, FDA approved and results proven. 

Ido's clinic is a comprehensive chain of skin, laser and aesthetic clinics focusing on evidence based. New technology innovations to restore and enhance your skin, face and body. It is where beauty, art and medicine become one. 

From their brochure. 

I am really impressed with aesthetic as it really shows what technology has advanced. I truly believe that makeup or any aesthetic is meant to enhance your beauty and not totally change your feature or face. Just few days ago, I read a news online that they are many people who entered Korea are detained when they leave the country. Mainly it's because they were there for plastic surgery and they look totally different and the customs and immigration won't let them through because it didn't match their passport photos. #truestory 

The seminar was presented by Dr. Lucas Chia, Medical Director. 

"Beauty is like money, it is never enough. But we are not here to change your looks, we are here to enhance your looks. We don't want to make you look different, we just want to make you look better. "

After the seminar, we had a live demo to show us how some of the treatments were done. 

The eye cover damn small and cute, looks like swimming goggles. LOL Laser treatment isn't something new and it isn't something that is very old as well. I remember about 2 years about my brother had laser treatments to cure his severe acne and scaring. It really helped him a lot. But guess he's a guy and he didn't care much. LOL 

Revile treatment live demo being done on one of their staff. I could smell a slight burning scent, but it's nothing to be worry about. :D 
Dr. Leung, who is one of the top aesthetician did the demonstration and she also let some of the girls test it out on their hands. 

Next, the SAME STAFF got a nose filler demonstration for us. An actual nose filler procedure was done! Not just a demo or what. I couldn't bare to see needles being poked into her face cause I felt like I was going to puke or faint, so i just turned my back around. 

Here's me and Dr Lucas Chia, he insisted me on sitting on the chair. LOL. and started making funny faces. This photo wasn't posed. It was a candid shot by Bella and i love it. :D 

My free treatment vouchers brochure, and information about them. 
Did I consider doing anything after visiting them?
Yes. Double eyelids. LOL. 

Ido's Clinic currently has a total of 11 outlets in Malaysia. 

If you are interested in their treatments and what they can offer, you may visit them at 

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  1. Seriously safe? What do they use for dark circle or underarm treatment?

    1. Yes! It's seriously safe! They did three live demo. Revile laser, chemical peel and nose fillers. For dark circles and underarm (i pressure dark underarms right?) They do them too. They have to consult and check your skin whether what is the cause of your darkening tone and treat them too. No knife no blood as well. :D