By Gwendolyn Me - October 03, 2014

Today, I was having lunch with fats when suddenly I receive a call from my client... 

This is the conversation below.

Me: Hellooo....
Client: Ei... You owe people money ar??
Me: (Very confused) Huh? Why you say so?
Client: Really a? I need an urgent favor to pay 3550! 
Me: (Even confused) What....are you saying? Can you repeat that?
Client: You in need of money ar?
Me: No... Well, not to the extend that i've to beg but you wanna give me some??
Client: I just received an email from your personal e-mail saying You are in URGENT need of money. Rxxxx and Rxxxx also received it!! (2 other colleagues from client) 

Nooooooo.... Straight away grabs fats phone to see if he's received the message. and YUP. Straight away I knew but i wasn't sure it was a virus or a malware or a scam or it was being hacked. SO, i consulted my one and only IT-GOD fella friend. LOL!!! I couldn't get his number, because I was very confused thinking why all my contacts are gone and missing. BUT, i manage to get his number and whatsapp him and send him a screen shot of the email... 

Here it is. 

Instantly He asked if all my contacts were gone. AND YUP, that's when I noticed, BOTH my phone was blank and all numbers with no name and no contact. DIE LAR NOW. ....

But i changed with fat's phone and gave him the password...

IN 5 minutes, (okay... maybe less) I received a text from him.

IT-GOD: Done... restored your contacts.

OMGGG. why this fella so amazing one! Another five minutes, he went through everything internally. dunno what he was doing.. then he came back to me saying it's clean, and there is no problem. BUt he wanted to track and find out WHO and WHERE. I expected it to be overseas.

Then later on he asked me

IT-GOD: " What were you doing from 1pm to 1.22pm?
Me: ermmm... Lining up and buying Mcdonald and having my lunch??
IT-GOD: your hacker is from KL, used a MAC and it sent that email at 1.22pm

It's either I'm damn NOOB or he is IT-GOD. LOL!!!

Okay, so everyone. I AM FINE.. Do not send money to unknown accounts, If you want to send to me, I don't mind just not to scammers can d. . LOL! That's what i told my mom who ALMOST sent money. O_o!!! I really dunno what she was thinking. I don't even write emails like that. LOL

Yes,  i've had G-DAMN alot of people calling, what-sapping me and question me about the email.

I really don't know what lesson to learn from this case, One thing I knew was that, I THOUGHT my email password was difficult. But apparently, IT-GOD say it's predictable. . LOL

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