Stop Victim Blaming

By Gwendolyn Me - September 12, 2014

"Rape" should not be victim blaming on what she wore, where she went, or why didn't she fight back or kick his balls. Rape is rape. People should start pointing at the rapist and stop judging the victims.
Every time we focus on making girls and women individually responsible for avoiding rape, we lose the opportunity to address the systemic root problem.

I cam across an article on Facebook here, which discussed about the issue of anti-rape doesn't change the risk factor. There are many campaigns and awareness, news and articles regarding this rape issues, and mostly, it's only the women that stands out and of course, we get affected easily because we were once a victim ourselves, or our friends and families or even someone we know. Rape is a sexual assault which many cases result in victim blaming, making the victims themselves not wanting to stand out and many will hide, go into depression or even suicide. 

This is a really sad thing that is happening in our world currently, along with animal abusing and children beheading and all that many others that many of us are ignorant and not dealing with the main issue. I'm not saying which is worst, they are all equally bad. 

It is very traumatising for a girl and I am really lucky to be said that I did not have to go through that. Although I was almost.. once, when i was 15. But then i manage to run away and got away with only being sexually assaulted. It is not something I like to talk about and not something I want to talk about, and definitely not something I would want attention and be pitied from. But it's not nice. 

So stop victim blaming, and accept that reality is bad and we need to catch the bad guys. 

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  1. Rape is an issue that everyone avoids because victims don't dare to talk about it and nobody takes it seriously. Like you say, victim blaming is the reason why people don't talk. Not just they have just went through a traumatised experience, but they've got to emotionally calm themselves and psychologically talk to themselves and clear their minds themselves and give themselves courage to speak out and not worried to be judged.