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By Gwendolyn Me - August 04, 2014

Dad use to tell me about this aunty selling duck at the roadsife in Taman Mayang. But I never really gotten the chance to try it out cause
1. Timing (im usually at work during weekdays and out during weekends)
2. Company (I use to be alone so I camt be buying a duck and eating a whole myself in my room with my soap dramas right?)
So one weekend i've decided to buy half a chicken. 
So this is the stall. Thats it. This old lady will be chopping ducks in pieces for you in halves or wholes if you want it. Imagine this poor old lady in her 70s / 80s doing this everyday.
Everyday she will come at 2.30pm and start chopping and selling till 6pm or 7pm until she runs out of duck.
This roast duck is soooo good. I totally recommend it.
It might look a little dodgy and dusty being at the roadside and open air and all that. With all the haze and dust and all. But thats not the only food open aired. So if you are picky? Then im sorry this aint for you.
Chopping my half duck.
She does a very neat and nice job too. Wrapping them up for easy disposal.
The duck was amazing. We bought half a duck, and I think I gobbled up 80% of it. LOL.
If you are into it. You should give it a try.
RM19 half duck.
RM38 whole duck.
(Not expensive right?? Outside whole duck also cost up to RM50)
Opens 2.3ppm till 6-7pm till duck finishes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 13.50.33

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