By Gwendolyn Me - August 01, 2014

This took me a while to actually think about what to write for this. I know i could easily just come up with anything within a minute and write something, but this time i really took a deep breathe and a few moments to really figure out and wonder about this whole self-awareness campaign “Who is the best of you?”
I used to be rebellious girl who does not give a shit of the world, or anything around me. Regardless if it is friends, university, school, teachers or even families to say. I once came to a point to wonder what life is all about and thinking about ending my life there and then feeling useless and pointless of my very own existence. I know this isn’t any big deal and most of the people out there would be thinking “oh! another emo girl”. Well, to you i may be, but to me, it is a big thing. Everything was just in my head and i couldn’t think straight.
Friends used to laugh and talk around me where I used to be the left-alone anti-social girl. I do not deny i have “friends” but how many would actually go out with me and have heart-to-heart session? Maybe because i was this rebellious girl who didn’t give a shit, i was different than all the other girls who wanted to laugh and talk and go out. They never bothered asking me, so i never bothered joining them. (typical girl next door story right?)
Fast forward to now and why I am bringing all the past back to my topic of “Who is the best of you?” There is two person. My father and My Fats (i don’t mean literally fats, but my boyfriend).

Thos who knew me would know how much this two person mean to me. I use to hate my dad and even ran away just cause i couldn’t stand him. But all this, he made me strong for who I am today. How i am picky with words and questions, how i speak, how i talk, how i think and even how i communicate. That is all because of him. I wasn’t always a daddy’s princess or a daddy’s little girl because he had never spoilt me. If not I would be living maybe in Solaris and driving a BMW already right?? But because of his strict disciplinary, I have became part of him. So i sometimes can be quite anal at certain think (Fats clearly understand this). Dad has told me “Life is a never ending journey of lessons”, we learn new things from the day we were born till the very day we die. He says “Well, we learn to walk, to talk, to laugh and to cry, and upon everything else, we even learn how to die right?”
The same as every other girl who says “my dad is my hero”, mine is extraordinary. I am proud to have him as my dad, and i hope one day, he would be proud of me as well. I go out meeting people and whenever i say his name, they all know him and start praising what a great man he is or how he has helped them, or someone they knew once upon a time. I hope, that one day, he would be able to go out and hearing from others how i am and he would be proud of me.

My fats, oh this fats, is someone who changed my world upside down. He was the reason, i went home more. He was a younger version of my dad, just maybe some of the personalities and opinions, he still has to grow. But when it comes to stubbornness and certain jokes. They are the same. They always say “Find a guy who is like your dad”, well, i found mine. When i met him 7 years ago, I have just left home for university, and to be honest and embarrassed, i did not go home for almost 9 months. It was because of him, I went home more, and learnt to communicate more and accept more things than being a rebellious b****. I learnt anger management, i learnt to be less grumpy and agitated (i still am now. just less).
Fats is also a very curious person, so i would always read up things, ask things and learn things so when he ask me I can answer him or explain to him. Because I want him to be proud of him and 7 years ago, i didn’t want to lose him. LOL. Had to fight with the other girls out there right? So how?? HAHAHAA.

I am who i am today, thanks to the both of them. I started my makeup obsessed because of fats, i started learning up more because of fats also. My strength is them, my weakness is also them.
I improve myself everyday in every different aspect because of them. They are the one who brought the best out of me. So who brings the best out of you? Who pushes you to be the best or has inspired you in certain things or ways that you didn’t realised it. Even the smallest things matters.

2014-03-01 18.44.36
I only have ONE photo of fats and dad together. in these 7 years,. LOL need to take more.
So this is just a short writing of who is the best of me. So who is the best of you? Join this self-awareness campaign now to appreciate your accomplishments and people around you. AND, by joining us, you stand a chance to be at our exhibition at THE CURVE on the 28th October till the 2nd November. It is the many seemingly small (and often unnoticed) everyday actions that reflect the best of you, and are monumental and worth celebrating. If you take time out to reflect, you will find #thebestofyou
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