Amazing Mr.Lens

By Gwendolyn Me - August 20, 2014

I wasn't planmiles and tsn't and ient and eviewinhis I'm even write some. morentioning about this becwas just another usual online purchase. But why i'm doing this? Because it's amazing and they truly deserve it.

SERIOUSLY! why? continue reading to find out...

Mr Lens is an online shopping place where you can purchase your contact lens or sun glasses or normal glasses frames. I think when it first launched they were a few bloggers who blogged and talked about it but I did not really purchase from it because I still had my contact lenses and I usually buy them in store. But recently what i want has been out of stock and the price were much more higher so i decided to just give it a try.

Why am i writing this? Because of their service and SUPER DUPER FAST SHIPPING. I KID YOU NOT!

I made the order last night (14/8/2014) at 11.10pm

Then at 11.45am the next day, which is this morning (15/8/2014) I received an email confirming on my order and purchases. Which is the usual time. working hours right...

Then at 2.45pm in the afternoon, I received another email saying that my items have been shipped. 

Well, it's Friday, nearly 3pm i get an email saying my item has been shipped. Well, guess what... 

at 4.30pm, a guy rings the reception doorbell looking for "Gwendolyn Ai". I looked at him thinking what I have purchased last few weeks and last week have already arrived. Staring at the delivery order, I saw the words "mrlens" wtf 

why so fast one! NOT KIDDING YOU!!!

See!!  I so efficient and fast!!  Packed nicely in sealed bag somemore got free lollipop!!!!  

Thumbs up to mrlens and their team. 

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