By Gwendolyn Me - July 22, 2014

This is a self-awareness movement (known as a campaign as well to some others) where one reflects on their-selves. How often would you actually sit down and do a self-reflection session? How many of you actually still keeps a diary the old-school way. (When i meant old school, I meant pen and paper kind, not digitally)
If you don’t, here is a chance for you to join this movement and be a better person.
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Julie’s, the biscuit manufacturer who has since become a household staple for quality biscuits and snacks, wants the public to ask themselves the question: “Who is the best of you?”. The question is part of a movement that aims to promote personal affirmation within individuals and encourage people to recognize and celebrate the trials and tribulations that punctuates their lives.
Launched on 1 June 2014, ‘The Best of You’ movement aims to inspire its audience into taking the time to think about themselves and their personal experiences. In so doing, it hopes to further spur people to take stock of their lives and appreciate the circumstances that have brought out both the best in them, and the people around them in everyday settings.
Now, many would be lost, confused and be wondering “How would joining this help me be a better person? and how would any of what this girl is saying making sense?” some may even wonder what is the whole purpose and campaign of this.
It’s the same that goes to your worldwide HIV campaigns, Breast-Cancer campaigns and all that, you can’t prevent that, signing up your name, or liking an photo on Facebook and sharing it out DOES NOT help with any of these campaigns. WHY THEN?
When i meant liking and sharing on Facebook, I don’t mean those post where they do “Like this photo and BillGates will donate $1″ kind. That’s a whole different level.
In this generation, we are all connected digitally rather than socially. (I’m not saying that I’ve got an issue with that. LOL because i’m literally one of them)

So this is simple. Take some time out to just think what or who brought you to where you are today. Your achievements and your success and accomplishments for today, who has been there for you physically or mentally, who has changed you into a better person? Many of us take things for granted and this is something that would let us stop whatever we are doing and think about it to avoid taking things for granted and start appreciating and realising who it is that has been around us. It may not come to your mind now, but take some time to think about it.

This could be done in four different ways.
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It could be someone who influence you, you may post a photo of them, or write a poem of them. If it isn’t someone, but more like something, then you can post it, like a photography, or design and arts. Or be it a video or music form.
First you gotta upload it online, photos can be on Facebook or Instagram, videos and music can be on Facebook or Youtube. Writing and testimonials can be on Facebook or your blog.
Don’t forget to #thebestofyou anywhere you upload them.
Once you have uploaded your story online, you gotta fill in the form at the website here to complete your submission.

Submit your story now and share it out to your friends and families.
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So it’s pretty easy once you understand how it works. So take some time off and join us.

You may also check out my story here. It’s not a big deal.

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