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By Gwendolyn Me - July 06, 2014

To my new readers, you wouldn’t know this. But I am a shoe-lover. BUT, i don’t just buy shoes for the sake of buying them. They are a few things I check off my list before actually paying for them.
Now, Jane Holli is in town, and how amazing is that? For those who do not know about her, here is a little something.
Jane Holli (a sister site of hishop.my) is an established ladies handbags and shoe brand in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. With over 25 years experience in the leather-crafting industry, Jane Holli sets itself apart with original and easy to match designs. It would be of uttermost pleasure to have you embrace the classic everyday wear pieces from Jane Holli by writing about them.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 0.53.06

I went through their website, and i found a pair that i love.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.00.34
The loafer design which is known as J Colby.
I love how all their designs have each different names for it. For example they have three different loafer designs and they gave different names such as J Anna, J Colby, J Maggie and etc. Interesting isn’t it?
Why would I pick the J Colby design as my choice? Because loafers are in now. They have been for a really long time, then they became “so-yesterday” and now it’s back in again. Well, what goes around comes around ain’t it? I would have usually go for heels and wedges and all that, but then it’s not just the design and the colour I look for but the quality and the durability of it as well. And, now I would actually think twice and carefully wonder if I would actually wear it.
I once went to Morocco, bought a pair of killer pair spiked studded royal purple pair of lace heels, I only wore it once. LOL. This is what i meant as practicality. Only buy if you will use it.
With this pair of J Colby, I can wear them to work, to events, from casual to formal it works well. What i love about it is that, it is leather. I learn my lesson to not buy PV or Plastic, they give your feet blisters and take like a million years to “break-in”. (Plastics don’t break in) I would prefer the white one, cause I just feel they are classy.
Now you can shop online for it too! at Janeholli.com.
AND!!! my dear readers, there is something in for you too! There is a RM20 cash Voucher offwith a minimum purchase of RM99.
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