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By Gwendolyn Me - July 14, 2014

Today, I’d be reviewing on a new palette.
The covo timeless eyeshadow palette. This retails at MYR145 but I bought it at a 50% sale. The Timeless eyeshadow palette comes in two different shade. “TRUE NUDE” and “VIBRANT”.
It is a collection of 14 versatile and timless shades handpicked to flatter any woman and almost any occasion. It has a mixual of both matte and shimmer colors. Highly pigmented ans enriched in vitamin E and minerals and other nourishing ingredients that improces your fine lines and wrinkles. (Thats what they say)
I purchased the TRUE NUDE palette because I would use that more than the vibrant colors. The vibrants color are pink, yellow, orange, purple and so on. Which I already have two colorful palettes. Each palette are the size of 1.05gm. So thats quite a standard size also. I hate those mini tiny 0.5gm or less palette. So not worth the money.
What attracted me wasnt the brand or the packaging or the shade color. But the saleslady was telling me that its minerals with vitamin E and its pigmented.  I didnt believe it at first because everyone tells you their stuff are pigmented. So swatched it. And OMGGGGG it wad so smooth and buttery and creamy and pigmented. It reminded me of urban decays formula and colors. (Well, nothing beats urband decay)
But this stuff was amazing. With that 50%, I was sold. LOL. I also bought a mascara for RM14 and waterproof eyelinear at RM17 for both 70% off. Will review those next time.
I know COVO isnt a very famous brand yet. But its founded and created by Julie Wong(local malaysian) and her commitment is to bring luxury cosmetics to consumers but at a friendlier price tag. Luxe for Less. Together with Kerrie Hess who is a brand illustrator based in paris, they aim to bring cutting edges and high standard beauty products (for vogue, tatler, chanel and others as well). So you can see the similarity illustrators with the brands as well.
New brands in the market are always interesting,  and especially when it is local, I tend to concern about their quality and they have to compete with the other bigger brand players out there. But to know and see, test and tried their products. Its amazing to see how good they are as well.
Back to the palette. Overall, I think it delivers very perfect. The packaging is slim and its not very chunky or heavy. Its magnetic though, and the downside of it is to have the chance of the palette opening up in ur makeup bag. But as long as you dont keep it lose in ur bag it shouldnt be a problem.  As I said earlier, the colors are damn pigmented. And they are easy to blend, and I used it together with an eye primer, the color has lasted me the whole day without smudging or disappearing. Removing the makeup isnt difficult as well, so I didnt have to rub and dig into my eyes.
Would I recommend it? Yes.
My rating overall for it? 7/10 stars.
Have any one of you tried any other covo cosmetics? What are your thoughts on local brands?

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