Money or Passion?

By Gwendolyn Me - June 16, 2014

Recently there has been a topic.
Passion or money?
Money, power and fame is something that many of us chase after.  We turn into someone who we are not really. Without realizing it, the monster or devil inside overtakes you.
Im not trying to speak deep or be all philosophy and all that. But its something that has been bugging me. I’ve been asked this question many times. Passion or money?
I would always say passion. Then I get a respond “yea! Cause you never know how it feels to be poor to realize how important money is.”
First things first, I did not and never say money is not important.  But I was given a choice to pick between two. And yes I have had moments where I am down to RM1 in my wallet for the whole week or two. You can say I dont know how it feels to be poor all you want. But this is me, you don’t know what I have been through.
I’ve been through a phase where I felt money was so important to me. With money, you get fame and status, with fame and status, you get power. So it all starts with money. But….
how much is enough?
When you have rm1, you would want rm100, and when you have that. You would go for rm1000 and to million and billions.
You hear so many stories on how fathers work double jobs or so hard and late for money, and end up not spending time with their families.
So I came up to this conclusion myself. People like that dont know how to love. There is no balance and in their mind, its all about money, fame and power. And they see nothing else. Why chase for a mansion with three floors and swimming pool and maybe even a lift in your house with maybe a ferrari and two or three merce and bmw and constantly changing cars every two three years. Or appear on articles and be known wherever you go? Im not talking bout people who were born with a silver spoon. But young people, generation-y people are all having that same dream. They want to achieve their goals and dreams before getting married or thinking of others.
What about building a future together?? Rather than building a future alone? Many people who chase money over passion often hurt people around then without realizing it.
So reflect on yourself, think what you really need and not what you want more. Be who you are and dont change to “fit-in”. Because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind. You always hear stories and quotes on how true friendship or true love can be tested and known when you are in trouble. 

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