Everyday Heels

By Gwendolyn Me - June 13, 2014

Ever have that perfect pair of shoe that you could go all day with it. Run and jump in it and do whatever you want. Stand whole day in it? That perfect comfortable pair of shoes.  Be it heels or flats.
I am personally obsessed with heels and flats. All sorts of heels from wedges or platform to peep-toe to pumps or even stilletoes. But itd not every pair I own or come acorss that is OH-MY-GOD-SO-AMAZING.
My first pair of OMG heels were a pair of blue platform pumps from lipstick. A pair I bought from Myers while I was in Australia.  Unfortunately,  my friend misplaced it when I stayed overnight at her place and it went missing. AUD$80 gone.
I was devastated and when I went back to Australia,  Lipstick was carrying any of that collection.  So sad. So I bought two pairs from betts. Which was comfy. But just not it.
And a few more pairs after that. But in Jan thus year,  I was at Zara and there were having sales. Bear in mind, I dont really buy shoes from Zara cause there are over MYR200 for a pair.  I not that siao kay!
But!!! On that day, it was on sale. MYR79 only!!!! I was like omgggggg… have to buyyyy. When I tried it on. It was sooo comfy. Pig skin leather and all that. So I paid for it before I placed it back. From that day onwards, it became my fav pair.
It is comfy. It did not give me blisters at all!!! So I did not have to “break in”. I could stand all day. And that became my everyday wear heels. From office to shopping. And I was still fine all day.
But now… here comes my concern, I need to find another pair!!! Because this pair is breaking down soon already.  Sigh. And its not just the price,  design, material, comfy but the height and overall.
Hopefully, ill be able to find a new comfy everyday pair again.

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