A Minor Car Tragic Break In

By Gwendolyn Me - June 22, 2014

As some of you may know already. On Tuesday,  my car was broken into.
It was a very horrifying experience for me even though it may be just a minor incident for anyone else.
At 9pm after my dinenr at Taman Megah, I went to a local sundary shop to buy some groceries.  It was located next to Fatty Crab, one of the famous where-to-eat place in Kuala Lumpur and there were loads of people around outside waiting for seats. I parked my car (driver side facing towards the mainroad) at the main road, and went down to grab some stuff. I left my car for only about 10 minutes. 
As I walked towards my car, I did not notice anything unusual or anyone near enough. I unlock my car remotely and got into my car. As usual I would place my handbag in the middle compartment.  Right as I looked up, I saw this
I was stunned and shocked for about 5-10 seconds not knowing how to react and i instantly looked around to see if there was anyone nearby or hiding in the backseat of my car as well.
I locked my car, started my engine and started moving because I felt it was better than staying and being still. Not knowing whether or not to make a police report or whatso. I made phone calls and kept moving around.  Little did I know, my uncle whom I stay with was at the same row of shops as well!!!
Nothing was stolen as they did not manage to take anything. And no I did not have any valuables in the car.
They did not manage to break in successfully.  As I have installed the security anti-smash film. It took them longer and requires much harder work. They were pros and smart and knew what and how to do it.
P/S my car alarm did not go off as they did not hit the car alarm wiring system.
I remember driving back home that night and to the workshop the next day to hear crackling noises of the window glass and until today, I still fear those noises. And everytime when I close my doors, I feel it being fragile.
I fixed my car the next day. But there was nothing much I can do about it. I wouldn’t and cant imagine how would it have been, if I was in the car or stuck in traffic. The fear is something no man or woman can handle at such sudden attack. But all I can say is. Keep calm. Take a deep breathe. And think instead of panic! Talk to yourself and maybe it helps to clear your mind. But do not be a mess and panic in situations.  Stay safe. 

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