Short Hair

By Gwendolyn Me - May 10, 2014

Those who knows me would already have known how much I have loved playing around with my hair in terms of colours and style. 

I went from Ombre Blonde. 

TO being a full redhead...
which i miss it really much but the only problem with redheads is that, the maintenance of the hair colour is really very time-effort. 

One weekend, le-boyfie came down to KL from Singapore. Brought me to the salon and tadah! 

Yes, Hair is short now. (Short at the inner back) 

It's been almost a month and I am still not used to it. BUT, hair growth is much more noticeable. I do not have anymore damage bleached ends, so therefor I do not have any blondes left. So sad. I miss being blonde, but it damages my hair sooooooooo much. I guess I would have to leave it nice and keep it good until it is long then only bleach it. :D 

I guess there is only ONE style I can do with short hair, So my hot rollers, and most of my hot stylers and styling tools and products are back in the cupboard till next time when hair is long enough to be played with. 

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