Biore pore mask limited edition fragrance edition [Review]

By Gwendolyn Me - February 17, 2014

Biore has recently come up with a fragrance edition. Apparently its limited edition (as it states on the box as well), but who knows how long it will be discontinued. I know that KAO has been coming up with fragrance kind of pore strip in other countries as well especially japan, taiwan and hong kong. But so far, i only manage to get hold on the sweet floral and the fresh apple fragrance. ♡

To be honest, i really love the scent. Its not too strong where it is overwhelming, because pore strips are placed on the nose. So if its really strong, i personally cant take it. (But it various within users)

I hate those pore strips that smells on bamboo, charcoal, minerals, clay, herbs or organic. Because they are so strong and smelly! But again, its a personal preference. So some people may like it, some may not.

I do hope biore would not discontinue this or any other fragrance ones. So i dont have to start hunting around for another brand with more test and trials.

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