18/12/2013 Dislike being sick

By Gwendolyn Me - December 18, 2013

Being sick on the 6th day.

I admit, I have been slacking on taking care with my hair. Need to put in more time so I can has nice hair.

After one day of resting. Its back to work!!

“Yes, I am still keeping the positive energy every morning I wake up. The best part is putting on my make up and giving myself thr boost of confidence. ”

Came back from meeting today. And guess what arrived today!!!! I was so happy I could jump around when I saw it on my table when I came back. Buahahahahaha.

To be honest, I was upset that watsons has discontinued carrying natures & co. Kose counters dont sell them either even though they ARE under kose. So sad.. but oh well. I got these for rm100 when it originally retails at 80 per tub. (There was a clearance sale at hishop)

Today, I had an upset moment. Now thinking and typing it is bringing back the emotions. My macbook has crashed on me. I am so sad! This means money to fix it. *le-sigh. Why????

Then!!! I dropped my phone twice!!!! I was walking and typing. And it somehow slipped out my hand. Can you believe it!!! I had a wtf moment. Then when I picked it up and stood up, it fell again!!! Walao!!!! As if the phone jumped out of my hands.

When I picked it up... I saw green lines all over my screen. I was thinking

“Fuck!!! Fuck fuck. Dont tell me screen problem and can't use it anymore or what shit not. ”

I immediately yanked the battery out and force restart it.. the min I saw the samsung logo I was relieved... but.... its laggy now. So fuck. Dont know if anything went lose.

Today something funny happened.

I went to midvalley/gardens to try to drop my mac at the apple store which was a failure. But thats another story. So I was there....

While walking past the lower ground floor. I saw two girls that were coming from my opposite direction. One looked at me and started poking her friend.. and as I walked passed I heard her going

“Oi! Oi! Oi! Is that... ... ... ... ”

But I didnt turn back cause I was kinda in a hurry to deposit a cheque and wasnt sure if I could. Mayne they mistaken me for someone. I dont know. It wasn't until when I left almost an hour and half later. As I was walking towards the escalator to the car... I saw the two girls again. This time with another two girls. So its four...

Well, im not sure if they really think its me. Or mistaken it for someone else. LOL.

But it was just funny.

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