TGIF 22112013

By Gwendolyn Me - November 22, 2013

Heading to first party event representing the company. So far loving my job. :D

Feeling awesome cause its friday.

Attended the Star Radio Group synergy appreciation party event today. It was amazinggg.

“Why was it amazing? ”

Met JJ who is now in redFM (he is no longer at Loves his shirt that says "play me or trade me"

He was one of the host for the party. Only took photo with him though, cause the rest wasn't around our table.

In the end of the night, everyone from our table won something from the lucky draw sessions.

Awesome possum!


Three of us from the company. And we were REALLLLYYYYY lucky. Why??? 
Cause all three of us won a luggage bag!!!! We were so excited and hyped!! 

I still am!!! Yay!!!! Okay! i know its just a luggage bag. But in my entire life, i have NEVER won any luck. So now its like double luck!!!! :D 

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