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By Gwendolyn Me - November 13, 2013

(this is the second time I am typing this.  So I'm quite annoyed and it won't be as detailed as before)  

If you haven't heard of it, now you have. If you haven't downloaded it, you better do. It's the new app call "Dayre". It's like a mixture of instagram, tumblr. It allows you to follow others and vice versa others to follow you. Which now most social media platforms have the "following" feature. But you can #hashtag and comments, and like that post like instagram. You can't reblog it like tumblr. But it is similar to tumblr in a way that you can chose to upload photo, text, quote, video and so on. They even have these emotional icon stickers that are like LINE. 

So what makes this different than tumblr or instagram or facebook and so on. It's the "DAY" feature, hence the name Day-re (could also be mispronounced as diary). Everything you post on that particular day auto compiles into ONE day. Like a diary. It's really good, cause you can keep uploading the entire day and make it look like ONE post. 

of course i wouldn't abandon my blog here. it's just that i don't post on my mobile straight because 
1) annoying app. it's bad. it sucks. it has a lot of errors. For Examples; i typed this blog post once, saved it and published it. it somehow only manage to save the image and the entire post was gone. *dangit!
2) A few times i typed the entire post on the blogger app. it got stuck at "publishing". and if you are stuck at publishing on the blogger app. there's no way to save it or retrieve it. 

they are many more but i just don't want to even think about it. *annoyed*. 

So if you haven't have the app yet. You better download it. 

the only downside about it is that it's only available for smartphones. If you only have a laptop or access to web. You can view and follow me at

If you are at dayre already. my username is gwendolynme 

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