By Gwendolyn Me - November 24, 2013

Sunday morning. Ladi ladi la. ANother amazing day sleeping in late. :D

YOu see me rollin. You hatin.

Finally woke up at 1pm. With over 200 msgs at my highschool wassap groupchat. I wasnt really ready to wakeup until a friend msged to ask to go to KLIMS.

I really wanted to go to KLIMS but didnt really have a company to go with. Thats why i was really hyped up and happy to be able to go!!! but i finally made it and got to go on the LAST DAY!!! 


The future of cars by toyota.

Finally saw my all time favourite MacLaren live in front of me!!! Still love it. If i could have it. I would want a red one. :D.

I DONT know why i have always loved maclarens. Since playing need for speed or any car racing game i would always pick that car.

Then we also have the all time second favourite ford mustang shelby.
Unfortunately like the maclaren, its not for sale, just to show only.

So i finally managed to see the Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost. (No photo cz was busy looking at it)
To be honest, i was disappointed. I expected it to be much more spacious. I was alright with the interior/exterior. But the space was really a downside. Two of the guys i went with sat together behind and they could barely move.

Of course, i only sat in it and didnt really drive it. Then my friend, who somehow knew what i would like, brought me to the hyundai i30. i wasnt really into at first but as we approached the car i was like ohmaigawd.

I sat at the driver seat. Looked at the interior. Stepped and tested the brakes and accelerator. Instantly I fell in love with it. Like instantly it became my car.

You know, its like buying a house. You see the images and hear about it and it sounds amazing but its all about that first impression gut feeling the first time you see it. And thats how i fell for the hyundai i30. It wad instant love at first sight.

Sadly, it cost 120k and only available in March. *le-sigh*. It's over budget and BIGSIGH. I guess the next option would be the Elantra. Hoping I would be ableto fall in love with it too. Because the i30 is the hatchback of the Elantra. Hopefully, I would fall in love with it too. I don't mind a sedan because it's within budget. 

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