CLIO CC Cream Vampire Face [Review]

By Gwendolyn Me - November 23, 2013

BB cream came then CC cream came. When CC cream was the raved product, I was still on the BB cream phase. It wasn't because I didn't like CC cream but it was because I haven't really found the need or any that I would really want to try out. 

Not until CLIO came up with their CC cream VF21. (VF stands for Vampire Face). 
See the name vampire face already attracted me. Not because I want to look like a vampire, but it means W-H-I-T-E-N-I-N-G and F-A-I-R. 

LOL!!! well, those who know me will know how I don't like looking tanned. Being fair is one thing, it's the radiance that is what I love. That's why I am fussy with foundations because most of them are yellow base. 

SO, CLIO VF21 CC Cushion, (not cream) comes in two colors. 
01 - Pink
02 - Beige 

As we all know CC stands for Color Corrector/Color Control. So most CC cream would be either, pink, purple green or yellow base depending on what skin color you are and what you are looking to achieve. 

Just an extra information: 
- Pink is to give you radiance and that fair look. 
- Green is to reduce redness. 
- Purple is to give you that highlight look 
- Yellow, is to even out your skin tone. 

A little more information on this product. 
Cushion CC that creates clean and bright complexion like spring sun light as soon as applied.
: All-in-one type in skin care + makeup that covers dull and dark skin flaws.
: Contains vegetable ingredients with excellent moisture holding power to be moisturizing and refreshing.
: SPF50 PA+++ blocks UV rays. (extra bonus)
: Contains anti-bacterial ingredients such as jasmine-flower extract 

For the first impression, i mega LOVE the packaging. I love that high class hologram packaging that it has. 

I did not expect the inside to be white. but it's very clean looking. (it's new. LOL. who knows maybe it'll be a mess in the future) And it even comes with a quality seal sticker. The standard cushion cap seal, and a washable sponge as well. 

The BB cushions that you usually get/buy, the sponge in the pan is already filled with product. But for CLIO's CC cushion, it wasn't!! So i had to press it to get it out. Which on the bright side, it's not wasted on the sponge "yet". And definitely gives that NEW feeling. 

Just to swatch and show you how it looks like on my skin UN-blended. I just dabbed it straight without blending. See how it bright it is and how it gives you that whitening effect?

Just to show the difference between shade 01- and shade 02. 

My face is brightened up. :D 

My opinion: 
This product is amazing. It gives you that ageless dewy skin that it promises. So 5 star to "it does what it says". Packaging is lovely, even though most cushion's packaging are almost the same, but the hologram outside just made it much luxurious. In terms of functionality, it's also amazing, the product doesn't "pop" open easily. So I can just chuck it into my bag without worry it might spill. This product doesn't break me out or leave me with a face where I can fry eggs. Nor does it crease or make my face move.
Removing wise, is easy as well, does not take extra work but then again i double cleanse every-night.
Extra bonus to the anti-bacterial. Even though I don't have the power to say it has scientifically to prove it. but it hasn't break me out and it's good to know that the ingredient is in there. Maybe it's just a psychological thing, maybe it's true.
            In terms of coverage, this product is build-able. But i wouldn't recommend you to build the coverage with this product. It would be best if you have a concealer to concealer your spots then to cover your whole face with this. So if you are someone that is looking for a full face coverage, then this is not for you. I would say NO cc cream would be a full face coverage.

Would I recommend this?
If you are looking for a radiance fair look. YES.

I purchased this for RM99/$35 from watsons. [NOT PAID to review this]

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