By Gwendolyn Me - November 18, 2013

Today its been such a tiring day dragging 22kg and waiting for hours. #travelsproblem

A short scene and convo of a couple sitting nect to me on the plane.

Girl:" omg. This is horrific. I wonder if they disinfect the seats "
Guy:" well, you'd be fine."
Girl:" how'd you know about it?"
Guy:" because I do."
Girl:" omg. This is so horrific and its terrible."
Guy:" why?"
Girl:" because... im like shrunk" (shrunks her shoulders in)
Guy:" well, what do you expect? A five star luxury plane?"
Girl" at least better than this!.", she scoffs. 

Guy holds girls hand, "you'd be fine. When the flight gets on, you'd be able to put your seat back. And you'd be fine."
Girl:" im not talking to you!" And she pushes him away.

Later on, for the next hours, she was either asleep or complaining.

“Some people just can't be considerate of the people around them. But its part of human. ”

After not sleeping for one whole night. Im on the zombie mode.
I spent the whole afternoon waiting in burgerking with le-boyfie mom while waiting for the brother. Ended up both of us had a aching back.
I feel like shit cz im like 25 years younger and I have the same back pain.

It's becoming worst today cz it sorta hit my nerve and I could hardly walk. Guess I need to rest more.

After a whole day and a whole month, I finally get to pamper myself and give myself self-facials.

Todays facial.
-Deep cleansing
-Steam face
-apply warm cloth on my face for ten minutes.
-apply BRTC pore purfying mask (extract blackheads)
-After washing face, use pore strip.
-after pore strip, extract extra stubborn blackheads that weren't pulled by the pore strip.
-apply calming lotion
-apply clay mask.
-apply sheet mask
-apply serum.

And any extra layering skincare.

Now you guys know how I self pamper myself. LOL.

Toodles. Im off to bed to start a new day tmr.

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