Weird japanese stuff

By Gwendolyn Me - October 16, 2013

Two days ago I was at Daiso shopping, and i came across THIS!!

I was dumbounde for a moment, thinking what is this in a packet. They were selling like 20 piece in that packet!! So i looked around and nobody was in the aisle and i picked it to to read and try to figure out what it is.



I know my sister will really enjoy using this, she uses chopsticks to eat her potato chips. I asked her why? And her response was "So my fingers won't be dirty". NOW she can purchase these to 'protect' her fingers. LOL!!! 

well, prevention is way better i guess... than washing hands. HAHAHA

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  1. Very funny!!! But in a way it is kind of obvious they aren't condoms!! My p-n-s would require at least three times that diameter!!! At least!!!!