Removing Blackheads

By Gwendolyn Me - October 03, 2013

Blackheads are very annoying. We all know that. And all of us have a little here and there. Some may be much more severe than others. Some of us would have to remove every week, some every month, depending on your skin. So again i would say, my experience is base on my skin. So the number one step to getting the best skin out of yours is the understand your skin. 

FIrstly i would like to remind that this post contains really disturbing and disgusting images. So if you are not ready for it, i suggest you skip this post. 

I"M SERIOUS. Do not blame me for making you puke or leave you in disgust. 

I've got really itchy fingers where i would start pressing blackheads out and it's REALLY a bad habit especially for the stubborn ones where they get stuck and i end up bruising my nose or so. But the thrill of seeing all the gunk out of my nose is just addictive. It makes me feel that it's clean and i can just do more. Most of us would already know about pore strips, and the famous and most common known brand is BIORE. but i would just like to tell a little of my personal experience. I dislike biore's nose pore strip. LOL. Malaysia it's just the Malaysia version i don't know. I just don't like it because they don't really do the job well enough. 

Pore strips brand that i love are SASATINNE (my all time favourite), Watsons, Shins, and some i forgot. LOL But let me know your favourite and i wouldn't mind giving it a try. 

Here, I am going to show you how i do it in the image below. 

Okay. i know there's a typo error. at STEP 5: It should be "B'liv' not Blicv. 

Many have said to stay away from pore strips, but to me that's the fastest and easiest to extract blackheads as not everyone knows how to push and press them out themselves. It requires skills. The main reason of people warning to stay away from pore strips are the enlarging pores issue. Or they will leave "holes" in your face. This is way, step 5 to me is really important. the mask that shrinks pores. Even if you don't purchase this B'liv Glow and Shine that retails at RM69, you can get any pore shrinking product that does that job will do. Remmeber, if you open the pores, you will have to close it. It's a really important step. 

That's about how i've done it. 

Just some information on the extra product which is STEP 2. 
The BRTC Perfect Pore comes in a set. there's I, II and III. 
I is a pore opener. 
II is blackhead softener which is what i bought in the full size. 
III is a pore shirnker. (you can chose to get that instead of this). 

I only purchase the II in the full size is because i can always open my pores the natural way "Steaming" and i have already gotten a pore shrinking mask. So i wasn't keen on getting that. But if you are, you can always get it from or any place that sells BRTC products. BRTC is from korea. 

Another Bliv product i have mention is the Off with those head which i have done a review here. This is a really good product and see how it would help you. 

Does it really work? Well, now i am going to show you the disgusting disturbed images of blackheads. Up, Close and Personal. 

FIY, it is le-boyfie's nose which is done like ONCE a year. so all that gunk coming out. I remove my own blackhead once a week, so i don't get as much as him. To show you how blackheads are and how important it is to remove your blackheads often enough according to your own skin. You don't wanna end up like le-boyfie right? 

Don't hesistate to leave a comment on any questions about blackheads, how-to's and if you have an alternative way in removing blackheads. I have heard of the egg pore mask but i have not yet to try it. 

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  1. i use pore strips once a week, but sometimes it ends up twice a week! ill admit i love doing it, knowing my skin is getting lovely and clean.

  2. thank for share the tips, I will try it to removing blackheads.
    pray for success :)