Belated Birthday Present from Bff

By Gwendolyn Me - October 20, 2013

Belated birthday presents from cyan.  You can never go wrong with gifts when its makeup and girls.

THIS WOMAN! LOL. She didn't pass it to me directly, but she secretly hid it in a plastic bag of clothes which she was returning it back to me. Until i reached home i was like "Eh? she left a tin in the bag" and after i wassap her about it, she told me it was my belated present and TADAH!" 
I was sooooo thrilled and happy. because 
1. I really didn't expect anything. 

The shade she got me is Pure Color 88 Rubellite Lasting Shimmer by Estee Lauder. Super love the packaging. 
The nail polish is Pure Color in the shade Blue Blood. I really love the nail polish, I applied them on my toes straight away as i have gelish on my fingers, the texture was perfect, wasn't too watery, wasn't too dry. The colors were pigmented but it wasn't stainy. It dried pretty fast, and one coat was enough. IT WAS THAT PIGMENTED! I hate nail polish were i have to apply few layers to achieve that color cause it takes freaking forever to dry. I have almost 30-40 nail polishes in my collection and they are all red, pink, black, silver and gold. This is my first blue and non pink/red nail polish, and i'm loving it already. :D 

Lipstick is like my Number 1 addict in makeup. You can never go wrong with lipstick with shades and all that. (at least for me). I have about 50 lipsticks, BUT don't let them stop you from buying me lipstick!! I know they are times where my sister or friends would go "Don't you already have that shade?" But to me, it's different! There's a slight tint different in the color, texture, how it blends and stays or whether it blends and etc etc etc. And with so many that I have (well, not really alot to me), I don't have a similar brand with the similar color, double. 

Keep them coming. :D #lipstickaddict #gwenbeauty

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