Venus & Olay Gel Razer [Review]

By Gwendolyn Me - August 12, 2013

How many of you ladies out there wish we were born without underarm hairs, and hairs on our legs, hands and unwanted area? Well 2 out of 10 of my friends are fortunate enough to NOT need to shave their entire life because they just look as if puberty forgot to hit them. (but mind you, they have asses and boobs and pimples too). 

But today, it's about hair. I started shaving since i was 17, when i started uni and started wearing clothes asides from uniform everyday and started loving tube tops and realize i need to shave. I was fortunate enough to have an older sister to learn from and to ask. Since, she was a person who shaved, so that was what she taught me. But very unfortunately, my skin was much more sensitive compared to her, everytime i shave, i have problems with itching skin, red swollen pores, razor bumps or innergrown hair. I've tried razors/shavers from Schick, to Bic to Gillette and even disposable ones and random brands such as jusco or watson or guardian and the other names which i could not remember at this very moment. Back then, Watsons in Malaysia use to sell Shaving Gel Cream for females, then somehow they discontinued it. BOO-HOO. 

That was how i had to deal with it until i went to Perth, Australia, and i was going to purchase a new razor, and normally when i want to get something, i'll stand at the aisle for a very very very long period of time looking at the products one by one analysing and deciding what i want to get, i remember being at Coles, i stood there picking from razors to razors and i suddenly saw this. 

It was advertised and labeled Built-in Shave Gel. And i got to myself thinking "hey, why not?" so i grabbed the pink one which is the Spa Breeze Razor and i immediately loved it. 

It wasn't until i came back here and searched high and low and i couldn't find it. UNTIL i spot it at Watons Singapore. They have the new range of Gel Shavers which they have collaborated with Olay. 

I couldn't be any happier, I do wax and all, but shaving is always a life saver. And people with sensitive skin like me, it's a bigger life saver. The new Venus&Olay Gel Razor is now not just Gel-Free, Sensitive-Free and it is now also built in moisture bar to lock in that moisture so your skin wouldn't be dry and irritated. 

Ever had that moment when after you shave, your skin feels tight, irritated, your pores get sore and red? It's because your skin is dry, shaving your hair kinda shaves and pushes the moisture out as well. 

The New Venus&Olay comes in 5 blades that gets you closer and with a much more cleaner shave. 
With the moisture bar locking in the moisture 
No need to purchase seperate Shaving Cream. 
Soft Grip for confident control
Comes with a shower hook to place your shower. 

This razor is not a disposable razor, and the gel will not be finished in one application. It takes a few, and the moisture gel bar is finished, you can detach the head and buy the refillable cartidge head to put it on, which saves you cost as well cause you only need to replace the head. 

My thoughts on this: 
I personally like this among all the other razors/shavers available out there, it's because I don't need a shaving cream. It's easy to be held and carried around. Some people do get annoyed that the once the gel is used up then I would need to purchase the refill heads but I find this a good thing, because I would then be changing a new razor head as well without me calculating and monitoring how many weeks I am using my current one. Changing blades is a good thing because bacterial doesn't get into your skin and shaving is a very sensitive thing as it is very close to your skin. At the same time i don't have to worry about rusty or blunt blades. According to Gillete Venus here, it is recommended to change your blade after 5-10 shaves, for a clean hygiene skin. 

- Easy to Use
- Do not need shaving creams
- Smooth after effect with the locking moisture that it provides.
- Pleasant Scent
- Not super expensive
- Refillable cartidge

- They look dirty after shaving with all the hair sticking to the gel bars, but with proper cleaning and care.
- Can't leave it wet or by the sink as the water will dissolve the gel bars.
- The gel bars may look ugly in the end of usage and it's not very guest appealing.
- Not available everywhere. 

I got them from Watson Singapore at about $12. If you are in the UK or the US you'd probably get them from your drugstore. If you are in Australia, you would get them in Coles, Woolies, Priceline, Target as well as Kmart and all the drugstores.

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  1. Are they available in Malaysia?

    1. Been searching high and low at watsons or even guardian and couldn't find it.

    2. Hi Kim, Yes, they are available in Malaysia. Try searching in bigger pharmacies or stores. :)