Nature&Co Vital Purity Lift Mask [Review]

By Gwendolyn Me - August 14, 2013

When i recently purchased some products from hishop, i received two free products samples, (it's not just for me, any of you who purchase from there get to select two free products samples too). One of the product that i have chosen is the Nature&Co Vital Purity Lift Mask. You may also purchase the full size of 140ml/6.3oz at RM88.90. 

Nature&Co is a sister company to Kose. This is one of the mask from the Vital Purity range which is their firming and lifting range. 
The main ingredients of the Vital Purity range is 
- Lavender Extract (contains large qualities of polyhenol, lavender has antiseptic, sedative, anti-inflammatory action and can also enchance healing power as well as sooth anxiety)
- Chamomile Extract (known as the 'apple on the ground' by the Ancient Geeks, Chamomile not only speeds healing of wounds but also has sedative and digestive actions)
- Vitamin E (With it's antioxidant action, phot-protective and moisturizing effects and healthy maintenance of the stratum corneuem's barrier function, it works with collagen to effectively inhibit wrinkles)
- Collagen Extract (Contributing to the skin's elasticity, collagen counteracts skin aging through water retaining and protective membrane forming functions. It is also effective in enchancing moisture-retaining properties and skin regeneration. 
- GABA Extract (used in food products known for it's relaxation effects and used in cosmetic to be effetively stimulating cells)

So what does this product do? 

  • Tightens pores and smoothens skin texture
  • This cool-feeling lift mask smoothens out sagging skin
  • The natural clay ingredients banish dullness to produce soft, smooth skin
  • No artificial coloring

  • Beauty Formulation:
    - Organic plant extract essence (moisturizing)
    - Organic lavender extract essence
    - Organic chamomile extract essence
    Ingredients for healthy, firm, and lustrous skin:- Natural Vitamin E (emollient)- Collagen (moisturizing)- GABA (moisturizing)- Hot spring water
    So how do you use it? 
    Apply once or twice a week after washing your face. Spread an amount about the size of four cherries evenly over your face so that the skin is covered and rinse off/wash off after approximately 5 minutes. Apply skin lotion/toner to complete the skin treatment. Some people may have seen or was told that it is a peeled off mask, THIS IS NOT, it's a clay wash-off mask.  

    So here is how the sample size looks like, (sorry it's opened. LOL) It is not stated on the pack what is the size. But i guess it's about 13ml? When i opened the packet, I was expecting to finish the sachet in one application, but when i started applying it, I realized this packet could be used in 2 or maybe 3 applications. But it's quite hard to save it as it is a clay mask and would dry up. PLUS, it doesn't have any container or proper estimation. So i decided to apply it GENEROUSLY to get the most out of it. 

    As you can see (Please excuse for the unglam photo of me), i have applied a very very VERY generous ammount of it. This mask is a clay mask, it smells like BABY POWDER+hospital. HAHAHAA. Okay, it's not bad Dettol Hospital smell, but more of clean sanitise baby smell. HAHAA, i was pretty addicted to the smell. Some may smell it as a herbal smell, but i can't get hold of the specific term to that smell, but it is like baby powder smell at baby clinic ward smell. HAHAHAA. You should really try to smell it and try to describe it. 

    This mask glides onto your skin really easily. Unlike other clay mask or mud mask where it will be messy and your fingers or spatula will be covered with it, OR unlike others where you apply it on and it's very hard to glide as it dries fast. This doesn't dry SUPER fast, and it's not super slow as well.

    Did it Do what it says?? 
    - It definately tightened my pores.
    - It definately firmed up my skin, though i do not have saggy skin, but trust me, you REALLY FEEL THE FIRM
    - It definately gave a soft smooth skin, but i wasn' sure if it was a after wash effect. BUT, after a day, my skin still feels soft and smooth.
    On top of that, It is sensitive-free!! So those of you who have sensitive skin, eczema, rosecea or acne, be afraid NOT, this is SAFE. This product has tightened my pores with only ONE use and has also reduced the redness, so it's a big points from me.

    Would I Purchase This?
    YES, I am waiting to.

    Would I Recommend It?

    Where can you get it?
    You can get it at here for RM88.90.

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