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By Gwendolyn Me - July 27, 2013

Some of you may have know and noticed that my hair is no longer sleek straight and brassy bleached blonde. Two weeks ago I did a semi-permanent DIY hair-dye in pink, and I instantly fell in love with that color.

Unfortunately it only last after three washes... and also double unfortunate there is no suvh thing as pink shampoo in the market... they only had red shampoo. (I bought one from lakme last year which I still had) so I used that to color wash the enda of my hair.  They need more color shampoos. They are so much better than hair dyes and better for the hair and healthier too.. :D then we can have all the colors we want. Hahahahaa.

So, Rachael came back from UK and I asked her to help me buy a babylisspro 2298u 38mm curling thongs. Many people have asked why from UK, or why that one, is it because its good?  First things first, this is my first curling thongs, the one I have at home is my moms, its the standard cheap stainless steel (I think) at 28mm by philips. But I wanted a bigger curler, and a good one. But in malaysia there is very limited choices. The panasonic or philips are selling at over a hundred for the ceramics ones. What more babylisspro is not available in malaysia nor singapore and even if they do (mostly online stores or warehouses), they retails at rm300-400/sgd $150. Which is crazy!!! Rachael bought mine for only 20pounds, thats rm100 /sgd$45 (not exact price but estimate currency change).
For rm100 in malaysia I think I would only be able to get the normal material one with maybe 32mm only. So why not take that rm100 to buy a better one right? 

But apparently in Australia,  target is selling it for aud $30 only. So its the same as UK. Oh well. And extra information,  the babylisspro 2298u I now own is a ceramic tourmaline curling thongs that has a clamp. With four heat settings at 150/170/185/200 (in celcius).
As this is my first curling iron, I am not a professional in it. I needed to ask Rachael for tips and help to curling my hair. But practice makes perfect, so I have been trying out different ways and directions for the outcome and all. Unfortunately (again), my curls dont stay for more than an hour even though I had it sprayed. So they all look the same everyday by the time i go out till the end of the day. Maybe I need to put mousse or something before I curl it. Any tips to make it last?? :)

As labeled 1-8 are the different days and types and messes. Sometimes, they look so different in mirror but so much alike in photos. Hahahahaa. Again like i said i am not a professional in curling my hair, so my styles aren't perfect, they aren't long lasting and they are just everywhere. 

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