KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER [Review] - Repost & Update

By Gwendolyn Me - July 05, 2013

This is a repost from my old blog. (As i have just newly moved over to blogspot and i have no idea how to transfer blog post. So i am doing repost & updates on the products. But if anyone knows how to import/export blogpost, please do let me know. ) 
So the first review was done in 4th February 2013 here, and it's already July, so after 5 months of using it, I can finally give a better update on a long-term use compared to a week/two first impressions use. 

KATE powderless liquid for COVER. Cover is the range of the product. i’m only doing a review on the foundation. As funny as the name sounds like ‘powderless liquid’ what it really means is that you don’t need powder for finishing set. OR to make it less oily looking. I’m not much of a foundation horde  because i haven’t come across one that i really really LOVE. i normally use moisturizer with SPF in it. To me, the number 1 thing to look for is SPF. The other reason why i rarely go for foundation is because as all Malaysian knows how humid and hot the whether is, it will just make my face even oily, sticky and greasy looking. So unglam.
Foundation or tinted moisturizer that i’ve used are:
1. Loreal paris leteint TRUE MATCH super blendable liquid foundation SPF17 | PA++ (i’ve bought two bottles)
2. Nuskin Nucolour Moisture Shade Liquid Finish SPF15
3. Loreal paris Matte Morphose Souffle foundation NO SPF (due to the no spf, that’s why it’s not in my TOP favourite number 1 foundation.
4. MAC Prep+Prime Fortified Skin Enchancer Illuminateur De Teint SPF35 | PA+++ (this is my love hate foundation product)
5. Maybelline CLEAR SMOOTH Shine Free Clear Stick BBStick SPF 21 | PA +++ (the only thing that is comes in a stick form, so it’s very troublesome but good for touchup. but the smell puts me off)
Update: My stack of foundation have definately increased, especially with BB Creams. 
So that’s the five foundation that i have. or more. And adding on to the collection that instantly became the number one TOP foundation and the foundation that i would repurchase and try and make an effort to be loyal to it? the KATE powderless liquid for COVER.  (this is not sponsored or advertisement. this is my own personal review)
2013-01-25 18.24.50Is it good? and why is it? I’ll try my best to explain it. But first of all, everyone has different skin so it might or might not work on you.
I’d like to clarify that i have sensitive skin, where i have minor rosacea, so it’s really important against heavily chemical, alcohol or sensitive skin. As well as Combination skin where my T-zones are oily but my cheeks are dry.

So what makes powderless liquid different than the others? The main formula is that it turns into powder in 15 seconds! REALLY!!! no lying no joke. It’s a foundation that doesn’t require face powder, so you save powder in getting one, and also save time in getting one. It has the power of smoothness of a liquid foundation and beautiful finish of powder all in one 30ml bottle.
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.31.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.16.32 PMIt comes in a plastic small bottle which is really easy to be carried around. And it’s a small stubble shape. damn cute. HAHA .. It has a very smooth texture when you pump it out. One pump can use up for one face. So unless you have a big face, you’d need two pumps. I don’t normally use a brush for foundation because i hate it as i can see the lines and it’s not smoothen out properly and sometimes i like to gently pat it to cover all areas. It glides on and smooths out really nicely, but yet it’s not watery or icky. It is odorless, so i don’t smell anything. (i hate foundation that smells really strong. i call it the foundation smell. LOL)
2013-02-04 17.50.46

I use the are between my thumbs and fingers because you can see the lines of the skin and i can test out how it works on bumps, pores and wrinkles. 2013-02-04 17.50.59

During. i place one small pump. The shade i am using is the lightest. BR-C2013-02-04 17.51.17And after 15 seconds. Notice how it’s not cakey and it blends well.

The problem with many products is that it’s always amazing on the first few try, but after your skin adapts to it, it changes. So that was why i waited for two weeks to use it to actually write up a proper honest opinion/review on it but not base on first impression.
With this product i can apply blusher over it without using another layer of finishing powder. I really like it because i prefer to minimize the layer of make up that i have to use.
- It’s small and easy to use. It’s plastic, unlike glass which will break when i drop it.
- It has a pump which is pretty easy to be used and controlled.
- It blends into your skin and after oxidation it turns into powder as well as blending into your skin color to the closest it can.
- Does not dry out or crease throughout the day and it is suitable for sensitive skin as well as combination skin.
- It has NO SCENT
- It saves up money in buying another finishing powder.
- It is not oily, nor is it watery.
- Does not smudge or wear off easily.
- Gives you a matte finishing looking but not a dull look.
- the price. LOL

Would i repurchase it even for the price? YES. Would i recommend it? YES.

After using this for five months, i can say this is my 'go-to' foundation. It is quick, as i skip the step of using a loose powder or finishing powder to set it and mattify my face as i have combination oily skin currently. Among all the foundation + BB creams that i own, this foundation, by far gives me the BEST coverage that i am looking for. It actually gives me a flawless look, so for that. i give it another star. :D
A few of my friends and some people have asked me about this product ever since i first wrote that review. and some of the questions are. 
1. Does it dry out as it turns into foundation? 
No, it doesn't. Unless if you have super dry or dry skin, like any other foundation that would dry out, then it will as well. But you should always get a good moisturizer. 
2. How long does the powder effect stay?
I'd say for at least 4-6 hours for me. UNLESS, you've been running up and down, jogging OR been under the rain and sun for long hours. 
3. How fast do i have to apply it before it turns into powder?
This product doesn't literally turns into powder. You would first pump it on your hand/palm if you are taking your time to apply, only the top layer starts turning into powder. s..l...o...w.....l.....y.....
4. Should i use a brush, sponge or fingers?
I would say for this, use fingers, it's easier and faster. A brush and sponge would absorb your foundation and for products that oxidize like this. I wouldn't suggest so. 

Extra tip, If you are looking for a better coverage, you could build up by applying a few layers. :)
For any more questions, feel free to comment, email or tweet me. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi, you can buy this from Watsons or SASA.

  2. What do you use to moisturize your face before applying this?

  3. What do you use to moisturize your face before applying this?

    1. Usually i use my Laneige Waterbank Gel before applying this.

  4. Hye, I have a question to ask, do you use primer before applying that foundation? Thanks in advance. :)

    You look beautiful BTW.