Current Obsession/ June Favourites

By Gwendolyn Me - July 07, 2013

Time is clicking by without us knowing, and it's already July. Today it's going to be a favourites blog, which i had quite some time figuring out which and what i would be posting about and finally i've gathered some bunch and list of stuff. In this post, there would be quite a long list and these are just like maybe 10-20% of my stack and it's what i favour and like among the shelves. On top of that, this is my very first favourite post, so there's going to be more as some are long term favourite and some could be temporary favourites. So i guess the next favourite post wouldn't be too long.

So here are the 25 that I have picked for the month.

1. Neautrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin 

2. Haruhada Collagen Cleansing Water

3. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

4. Naris Up Skin Conditioner Lotion VC

5. Haruhada High Concentrate Activator

6. SKii Facial Treatment Lotion

7. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

8. Bio-Essence Miracle Water

9. Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon SPF 50/PA+++

10. Lioele Magic Lip Treatment

11. BRTC Perfect Pore Clean II

12. Kate Powderless Liquid foundation for COVER

13. Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream

14. Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick by Kate

15. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque & Healing Oil Treatment

16. Ma Cherie Leave it Treatment Oil

17. Real Technique Core Set Brushes

18. Dr. G Dew Dew Drop Moisturizer

19. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Hydrofuge

20. Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder

21. Skin Lab Therapy Oil

22. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

23. Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

24. 1000hour Heated eyelast curler

25. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture

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