Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil [Review]

By Gwendolyn Me - July 07, 2013

Today, i’d be reviewing the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleasing Oil.
Before really purchasing this, i have really googled, searched and asked around for reviews and i can say to be honest there isn’t really much about this. Even on, the average rating for this is oly a 3.1 and only 44% would buy it again. with only 43 people reviewing on it. For some people it is amazing, for some it is crap and made skin worst, for some it didn’t remove well. So this is base on MY HONEST OPINOIN (not paid)
So, i received a 5ml sample of this quite some time ago and i didn’t really use it because
1. I have quite alot of cleansers from oil, to water to wipes to gel to name it, i’ve got it type.
2. It’s a sample size, so i normally only bring it and use it while i’m travelling and on tour.
3. Have mostly forgotten to bring while i’m on tour until now. LOL
4. None of my friends, or people i know or talk to has used this and told me about this before. So it never really occured to me or give me the urge to have it.
So, (As i will put this in every product review) my skin is sensitive combination skin. I’ve got sensitive skin that leads to mild rosecea. As well as oily t zone and dry cheeks. Oild eyelids as well.
So, as i’m away, i’ve been trying on these Wipes.
So these are my travel wipes. I mean they are easy and convenient. I normally use the Biore Cleansing Wipes. but they are expensive and this is a cheaper solution. IT DOES NOT give the same effect though. Though they are many other brand, but this is the best for the cheapest ones. RM14.90 per pack (30 sheets). I bought it at buy two for RM15. LOL. So had to try and review it right!! The Biore one would need one or two wipes to remove my face where these would take about five six wipes but the good thing about it is that it doesn’t tear my face apart. i rate this a 5/10. Would i repurchase this? Unless if i need something cheap and it’s on sale.
So, while i got tired of the wipes and wanted a deep cleansing for my face as i felt some break outs where coming out and it isn’t the time of the month yet. I decided to whip out the BB cleansing oil to give it a try. To my surprise, it was amazing…
The texture wasn’t thick oily kind, it was a a runny kind of oil. But yet it wasn’t getting into the lines of your fingers making your hand hand dripping oily. The scent… I gotta say i’m very picky with scents. One time this salesperson at SASA got pissed of at me because ei smelt everything i picked up and tested from lipstick to foundation to moisturizer to everything. And how i know she was pissed?? 1.) she gave me the face. 2.) she ended up telling me “This one no smell” this one the smell is okay. =.= even if she tells me is okay. i will STILL smell it. So the BB cleansing oil has a scent of jasmine with a combination of Lavender. I personally hate lavender. They remind me of toilets. But, with a use of this over my face, it didn’t make me feel like i was drowning in it! it was just a light scent!.
So, scent = PASS
Removing wise, it was perfect. From light make up to heavy make up. to even waterproof mascara. I admit, i look like a bruised panda or like i have black eye or so as the mascara, eyelinear and shadow where everywhere. But the good thing about it? When i rinse and wash my face. It doesn’t stay there!! There was one product that i use (it was cleansing oil) and it gave me the black eye look but when i rinsed and washed my face. the colors or my make up stayed!! like i ended up with make up on my brows and cheeks and black bruised eye. like WTF. i had to use wipes to wipe it off!
So, removing wise, perfect. 10/10
I’ve seen some reviews on having breakouts. and also saw that they use TWO to THREE PUMPS!! and to be honest, i think that’s too much. cz this is a product where a little goes a long way. ONE pump was enough for me. So, don’t use too much. Maybe try lessening it down. When i rinse and wash it, or when the oil touches water, it turns into a white milky liquid. Like the BIORE wet and dry cleansing oil. On top of everything, while removing my eye make up, it doesn’t sting my eye. I know the oil gets into my eye, and i don’t feel a thing. 
In terms of long term use? I’ve used my sample size for a week now. and to be honest, my skin feels better. That is why i purchase the full size bottle.  Maybe it’s call SOOTHING cleansing oil for a reason. I feel like i’ve got baby skin on my face again. the elasicity and the radiant is BACK AGAIN!
10/10 for after effects.
There is a reason it’s call the luxurious cleanser. I feel luxury. though the downside is the price. But hey! it is worth it! After going up and down and using so many brands from Shiseido to Lancome to Dior to all the brands sasa and watson would sell as well. I think i finally would come down to one that i would settle and repurchase it and love it.
- It’s easy to be used
- It doesn’t have a strong scent.
- I don’t need cotton pads anymore.
- I get a clean nice radiant bouncy face after that.
- No make up residue leftovers.
- It doesn’t sting my eye.
- I save money to repurchase cotton pads, and a different make up for eyes and lips.
- Requires one pump only.
- Does not feel oily, greasy, sticky as if i’m drowning in oil.
- The price ($60/RM150 for 200ml)
- Availability

Would i repurchase it? YES. DEFINATELY.
Would i recommend it? YES. YOU GOTTA TRY THIS OUT.
So let me know what do you think of this product and what is your favourite cleanser or make up remover.

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